Homeschooling again - Nov. 11, 2020

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It was a last-minute announcement on Monday. 'Tuesday at midnight schools close'. Not every school. Daycare, 'kindergarten and till the age of 12 years old remains open. I can't say I feel sorry. I have had it with the fog, cold, driving up and down and the rest of the misery (once the youngest lost all bus tickets, student card, and more which cost a lot of stress) and waiting at the wrong bus stop plus the driving twice up and down because the schedules don't fit is too much asked from me.

Hurray, it's homeschooling again. Yesterday was the last school day.

"Did you wish everyone a merry Christmas, happy New Year, a great Valentine's day, and happy Eastern? I asked after I picked up the youngest in the next village where the poor kid waited 45 minutes before it texted me if something happened to me.

Once back home I gave it some hot chocolate and cheese and 40 minutes later I left to pick up the next child. The day ended with a broken water pump. Since we were surrounded by fog for the last 24 hours I went to bed. No water and the infected eyes was too much to deal with.

I woke up later, wrote a friend, and a bit of my NaNoWriMo entry. The bus-kid check on the water pump early. It didn't seem to be broke but after we examined it, it turned out it pushed off the lid. It did the same with the other lid (second water pump) and after it was taken out by an angry kid the pump was definitely broke!

We filled the water bottles at a different tap since the one we usually go to is closed (it's getting winter), and spent some time at the library checking homework and downloading google classroom. The youngest was able to finish the first day at school while I did the dishes and the bus-kid installed the second water pump after the first was broken into pieces. Perhaps there are some spare parts we can use in the future?

It's 3 p.m. and the washing machine finally runs. If you live the way we do it's better to do everything at once. If you wait you will be punished by a lack of water or no electricity.

The kid wants to take a shower, both like to wash their hair and the wolves... They need water but have to wait till all buckets are refilled. Do they have their food and I? I need a break!


Tomorrow I hide somewhere to have my privacy. I need more rest, something I didn't come to from the moment I left my bed to have a look at the water pump. Let's hope the problem is fixed and we can have slowly days,time to relax next to days filled by homeschooling and searching for answers online. It's a long time ago I left school, I have many years of homeschooling behind me and I don't want the stress of last time again. We cannot help our connection sucks. If those teachers cannot be flexible enough to understand that and make homeschooling possible for each child it's their problem.

The bus-kid needs to watch the film 'Gulliver's travels' 1995. We cannot find it if you have a link be so kind to share it here. It has to be the one made in 1995!

Btw they asked children and most, at least in the Netherlands, seem to hate making homework with a computer. We don't have any. It's the mobile phone only. Schools should know not everyone can buy a computer and for sure not for each child in the family.

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