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"Is it worth all those hours of work," my youngest asked.

It took me about 7 hours to read entries to a contest. Not only reading (translating included) but also saving the links, resteeming, upvoting and saving all the info in a file in my notes. Seven hours of clicking, reading, answering, explaining is an awful lot of work. Unpaid work and no, I don't believe this are the hours most of those who join a contest or host one on Steemit are willing to invest in it. Most Steemians don't care, they are not aware of how much time it takes to check out if all rules are followed. They make a quick post and do not answer comments, questions or even give an upvote. Why should they after all we are here for the free Steem, the fast money because it's easier than working from 7 a.m. till 6 or 7 p.m.



Curating is worth your time. You even get paid for it by Steemit. This means it's worth investing time in reading. As a member of CCC the easiest way for me is to read my fellow members. There's no need to search for good reads I only need to visit one of the contests and voila the entries show up and are good for a few hours of reading, commenting and not one text is the same. If the author doesn't reward me Steemit does because I invest in the CCC members by resteeming their articles no matter if they ignore me.


Wouldn't it be great if we all made our life a bit easier by upvoting each other?
Downvoting, disliking is not appreciated on Steemit,"/ I read last week. It's true especially because Steemians only use the 'dislike' (downvote) if they are angry with someone. A kind of childish behaviour for adults, people too greedy to give the free upvotes they receive on a daily basis. With a comment, upvote you make friends and if you stick together like those birds of a feather it will help you. Indeed it takes time especially if you are new but it's worth the effort. You can never harvest if you didn't plough, seed and water your plants.
Within a circle we help watering each other's plants and pick the fruits together.


I stick to the creed set by the community. Those rules, I hope they will benefit me too. Perhaps not today but I have three years of hard work, struggling behind me. I'm still a mobile user, still write more than two words and am still here joining the group.
Is it worth it? I hope it will be if it comes to CCC but if it comes to this platform in general it is. To me, no matter how slow my connection is, Steemit is a good place to be.

I care, I'm willing to share but not against every price. There are plenty of contests at the moment you can join where no one cares, asks for your support. They won't last forever but at this moment will happily fill your pocket while you do nothing in return but this isn't me or the intention of CCC. The community wants to build a bond because what you all need is an income for the future as well. The only way to realize that is by working hard and investing in your contacts and Steem. Cryptocurrency is the future and the longer you wait the harder it will be to earn with your investments.


This is my entry to the CCC contest What does CCC mean to you? 3.48
Hosted by @team-ccc / @hive-166850
Deadline: May 17, 2021, 6 p.m. Parish time.

  • New rules
  • Once a month a bonus winner
  • December Jackpot

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CCC = #hive-166850

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 last month 

It seems unbelievable that at this point in the ccc community we still have to be telling everyone to share a comment, to vote on posts, to read others. It's amazing that people don't appreciate what others do. But best of all, we personally can write what we like and relax with a read and say thanks for stopping by.

If it comes to new members I am fine with telling what to do or change but the elder members should know better. It takes a lot of time to keep checking if all rules are followed. Giving an upbote should be kind of a habit by now. Even if you have no time to comment you can give that upvote.
I will not keep checking it.

I like the fact we can write what we like too. In a way you can always fit it into one of the contests.

 last month 

Si, se pierde mucho tiempo revisar las entradas. Ahora lo dejo para el último día así veo todo a la vez y sé a qué atenerme. Veo el compromiso verdadero de las personas y no me importa si ganaron el concurso anterior. Los vuelvo a premiar si son los que cumplen todas las reglas. Así los demás irán a ver porque esa persona gana todo el tiempo y quizás decidan hacer lo mismo para poder ganar y si no se quedaran con el voto ganado nada más.

Utilizo un recompensador aleatorio, pero aquellos que no siguen las reglas no están dentro. Cambié las reglas. Intento leer tan pronto como hay una nueva entrada, leo y verifico cuando el nuevo concurso está en línea.Reviso los otros concursos organizados quién participa y reviso mi concurso y cada entrada nuevamente.

 last month 

Yes, I noticed that you have rules similar to mine and then some.
My draw is easier because most don't follow the rules.

All the rules should be the same if we follow the 'creed'.
The drawing is the issue but @ freedomshift changed it too.

 last month 

It is true that we should all have the same rules. I specified them one by one for my contest and in another ccc contest I will break them down to see if others can understand them. Because I think it's hard to understand that you have to give a positive vote to the contests. As well as sharing with others.

Your upvote bank
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Following the rules is so easy, if we do it from the heart, many people are lazy, or we still do not adapt because we are new ... but I love the fact that we read something and that we can give our opinion and a real vote that benefits you and me.

I congratulate those who take the trouble to run contests, and that their awards are a relief for this situation, it is all a matter of working together to grow and strengthen this community.

Good day

 last month 

It's just about a habit you have to get used to. Votes can be given later if you are out of SP. Only posting and leaving doesn't benefit others and not us. People can automatically upvote but won't if you do not invest in them.