Is Steemit safe?

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If someone really wants to find you s/he can. Internet, social media, can make it easier but without it's possible too.

If you join social media you can be found.

This is a fact and the more you share about yourself the more people know about you. At times I search for myself on the internet. I check what can be found about me. I use different searching machines. I admit I am not great at finding what I am looking for. I use the wrong tags or words and the hits shown to me are frequently wrong and at times I even receive the message what I am looking for doesn't exist.

The fact is I use the internet.
I search for information, buy online, invest in cryptocurrencies and ask for advice. At those moments I have issues companies are only willing to answer if I use WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Discord, or whatever is available and they think is useful for them, promotes their business and I most likely will use.

Well, most of these options I used, some even a lot. I signed up to see what it is. I also did so to be able to leave a comment or complaint once the case was solved I rarely or never returned. Why not? I do not like to be bothered, I do not like to be found and... I do not like to be bullied!
The more I use the internet, the more I share, the more people know about me.

Cyber-bullying is hot.

I decided to focus on social media I like. A place where I can be alone but also one I can meet people worldwide and there's less opportunity bumping into my neighbours or the bullies out of my childhood, those who loved to discriminate, rob and scam me.
This means an international platform like Steemit is better than Facebook or Hyves (no longer exists). It also means I write in English and give up on my own language(s). Another plus is what I publish will not be deleted by a moderator or disappear if the site disappears.

What I rarely do is sharing photos. Personal photos, photos of and information about family and friends I consider as private. So is my home address, bank account, pin code and social security number. To be honest I consider a phonenumber and e-mail address as private information too but the good thing about them is you can easily give up on it. A new e-mail address is made within a few minutes and a simcard (phone) you can throw away or you take it out and you are untouchable if it comes to stalkers, scammers and so on. Since I stopped using Facebook I am free of scam and spam. I once gave up on an e-mail address because of it and my new address is nearly spam free.

If it comes to the phonenumber I rarely make a phonecall and if I receive a call I do not answer if the number is unknown or it's an anonomyous call. Those who know me will not call me. I switched the sound off so can't hear it ring.

I no longer use Facebook, I chose Signal above WhatsApp and I think about what I am willing to share with the world outside. Why? Because

How about Steemit?

What I share on Steemit everyone worldwide can read. I am aware of that. So if I write and publish I ask myself if this is what I like to share. If I post it's up to the reader to paint a picture of me. Me as a writer or me as a person. Whatever this picture is, I can not change it and I'm aware each reader will see me through his own glasses. This isn't different from how we see people in real life. We paint pictures of them, label them. There's nothing I can change about that so this means I accept it.

To me Steemit is a great place to be. Most of what I wrote isn't commented which likely means not read. Still, posting on a frequently basis helps promoting the platform. It will be noticed and it benefits me too. Writing, publishing is a way to empty my head, use my creativity plus Steemit is the place where my children can find me, pieces of me. Others might not find or read me but they, my children can and recognize me by rereading the stories I read out loud before I published them here if they search for my name and certain tags.

Be aware you do not need to have an account on Steemit to read. You do not need to have an account to copy someone's text and steal photos. Like we al know it's not difficult to change written text neither is changing words said, spreading gossip or fake news.
We can blame the media for it but if it comes to fake news, we social media users, are the worst. We spread the news, the coloured, subjective news we (want) to see.

To me Steemit is an unique and safe platform to be. Although many will not know or notice the difference between Facebook and Steemit, between an ordinary site and operating on the blockchain which is fine, there's a huge difference if it comes to freedom and anonymity.
While social media asks you for each detail in your personal life (from ID to your relatives phonenumbers and e-mail addresses) and earn high amounts by (ab)using these data Steemit will never ask you for these data. Steemit users are in charge and decide. You are the only one with the keys to your account, your wallet. You decide what you are willing to share and no one will delete your posts or block your account.

Yes, you can meet nasty people here like you can everywhere. They might be real but the good thing is they cannot touch you as long as you do not share your personal information and ignore them.

Use VPN, avoid Google and Facebook and go for a searching machine that protects you instead of selling you out. It makes a world of difference.

#anonymity #safetyfirst #wakeupkitty #forthechildren

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