Typical Dutch?

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Food in my country?

We have all kinds of food. Most of it we do not even know it is import and forget it became our food because of the colonies.
I wonder what is our food for real.
Not even potatoes are although the Netherlands is number one if it comes to growing and export them. This includes chips/french fries.

I am not a "potato-eater" but admit you can make plenty of tasty food out of it. A potato does not need to taste the same and there are many different species.

Most Dutch people my age grew up with:
1/3 potatoes, 1/3 vegetables and 1/3 meat/fish on their plate and a dessert. The dessert was in most cases: yogurt, yellow custard or chocolate custard. Custard is cornmeal and color and taste (vanilla or cocoa) is added to it.

If you do not like lumps in your porridge you stir cornmeal/custard + sugar through a bit cold water or milk well before you add it to the (warm) milk on the fire.

Next you add it to the milk (I used water and milk) and keep stirring till it's cooking.
It needs to cook for several minutes to get thicker.
I made pudding for today.

The longer it stands the thicker it will be.

I am not crazy about custard but I live what we call "cream bread".
It is a kind of soft sandwitch cut open.and filled with custard pudding and sprenkled with powder sugar.

Porridge, pudding...
It is all very Dutch till today.
We have it for breakfast, lunch or dessert.
It is made out of (old) bread with some hot milk poured over it or holland toast instead of bread.
We use oatmeal flakes or grain flakes and babies start with cornmeal and milk (the Dutch name for it is "Lamb's porridge"). These days barley porridge and gritty porridge are less popular but we have at least 15 different custards.

The pudding I like most is semolina pudding.

Looking back to what my Dutch granny ate it was mainly beans.
All sort of beans and potatoes. The ones I never liked were string beans. As if you had to swallow knives.
I cannot remember she ever baked pancakes but "poffertjes" she made.
_The kind of iron we used for it you can see here
Next to it she made rice pudding (with brown sugar and raisins) for my granddad on Saturdays. He build a kind of pie of layers out of it. To him it was the best food there was.

Indonesian-Chinese foodrestaurants are common and as normal as potatoes to us.
Later the Italian restaurants came and the fast food "restaurants". With it our habits changed and so did our weight and many can not cook at all these days.

Our old stews, the bean soups, etc are forgotten by most people.
To be honest I miss them.
The old fashioned pea soup with meat, smoked sausage, the dark rye bread with bacon...
Beans, beetroot, all kind of cabages are no longer liked or cooked.
It is a pity since especially beans are not only cheap but very healthy and you can make all kinds of different meals out of the same bean.

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