What do you do with... goodbye?

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It's time to say goodbye. Goodbye to @gertu. She gave the community CCC a huge stimulant by reading, commenting and hosting a contest. Her contest was one of the best ones running on this platform. Why exactly people gave up on it, on CCC is hard to tell. I doubt it has anything to do with the pandemic, a lockdown or economical crises. It's a fact that no matter how much money we offer, how hard we beg most people are too lazy to write. They are not only too lazy but find it normal a host fills their pocket for doing nothing. They hardly care about the host not are willing to give their upvote to realize a better status for all members.

What can I say? Dear @gertu, it is time to invest in yourself. This is only a goodbye and we both know it is not the same as farewell.

Have fun here and where ever you are because this is your time and money you invest.
A big hug for you my friend.

CCC = #hive-166850

This is an Invitation to join #ccc. The community CCC supports members by encouraging and upvoting each other and by hosting contests. Contests are hosted by @team-ccc and it's members. See @team-ccc for contests running.

 2 months ago 

Thank you, I love Bocelli. I appreciate your words. As soon as I recover I will come back here. I'm still in bed. I write as I can.

By the way, I didn't see the team-ccc awards from the 3.13 contest. You saw it?

I am not sure if I saw the rewards. Don't feel that great myself either and will spend more time in bed too. Let's hope no more hospital I can not afford it. I check it out enjoy Bocelli he's my favorite man. 🍀👍

 last month 

Thank you for joining this contest.
We upvoted and resteemed.
Greetings @team-ccc

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