CONTEST Looking Back/Look Forward 2.37 [ENG] CONCURSO Mirando hacia atrás / Mirando hacia adelante 2.37 [ESP]

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This contest will end on Friday February 28, 2020 at 6 pm UTC Paris time.
Entries not answering the question or which are too late can not participate.


I didn't intend to stay on this platform but I came back and kept trying.
Many hours a day I spend commenting next to publishing what keeps me busy.
I mainly stayed because the site I used to join changed and I can no longer log in and it is not mobile user-friendly.

Steem(it) causes the same problems but @partiko still makes it possible to post if every app lets me down.
I miss the other platform just like I miss an old site where I chatted with people all over the world. One grew out into a good penpal.

A life without the internet is hard these days. Especially if you are forced to use it by governments, schools, banks, taxes, etc.

If it comes to it I miss the old days.
Those days the internet was used for fun, to chat, find some information and I read my e-mail. All the online administration takes a lot of time and energy. You need to register everywhere and I am tired of that, the stress it causes me.

What is it you use your internet for?


The theme is:

Looking back / Look forward



1. Write about the theme/answer the question
2. Write 200+ words.
3. Use your own pictures or mention its source.

Exception: Content with photos of your own (at least 3) can use fewer words.

4. Use the tag #hive-166850.
5. Use "CONTEST Looking Back/Look Forward 2.37" in your title or text.
6. Leave the link to your post underneath this post.

There is no need to write in English!

Your vote and resteem is highly appreciated

Este concurso finalizará el viernes 28 de febrero de 2020 a las 6 p.m.
Las entradas que no responden a la pregunta o que son demasiado tarde no pueden participar .

El tema es:

Mirando hacia atrás / Mirando hacia adelante.

Las reglas

1. Escribe sobre el tema:
2. Escribe más de 200 palabras.
3. Usa tus propias imágenes o menciona la fuente.

Excepción: el contenido con fotos propias (mínimo 3) puede usar menos palabras .

4. Usa la etiqueta #hive-166850.
5. Usa "CONCURSO Mirando hacia atrás / Mirando hacia adelante 2.37" en su título o texto.
6. Deje el enlace a su publicación debajo de esta publicación.

No es necesario escribir en inglés!

Su voto y resteem es muy apreciado


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✔ One winner out of all entries - 2 SBI + 2 Steem
✔ 0.250 Steem for each participants.


✔ Pagado por mí.
✔ Un ganador de todas las entradas: 2 SBI + 2 Steem
✔ 0.25 Steem para todos los participantes


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Thank you for your entry my friend.
You have number 4.
Good luck. 💕

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Thank you for the update. 💕

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Ooops, I didn't realize this project was still alive and I sold all my coins. SMH

Guess it's time to start stacking them again.

 11 months ago 

Thank you for hosting this contest. We gave you an upvote. Good luck to all participants.

Thank you very much @team-ccc. I wish you a great Sunday. 💕

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Mi participación

Estupendo poder compartir estas hermosas experiencias del pasado @wakeupkitty gracias.

Great to share these beautiful experiences of the past @wakeupkitty thanks.

Thank you for your entry. It's good to see you again. You have number 1.

Here is my entry. At last I manage to join in.

I guess putting that linknin my hasil2020 post helps me. And reblogging every contests I found so that it is easier to find it back by the time I'm ready to enter.

I hope I found a butterfly soon. I manage to find a shadow. Few more contests to go.

I'm thankful you encourage me joining in this contest @wakeupkitty and I'm glad I did. Now I have more to write.

You have number 7.
Thanks for joining and good luck.

I saw your butterfly 😁💕

Yes and you gave me a great comments too. I forgot if I already replied 🤔
I saw yours too. You are also very creative. That butterfly pin or clip.

I asked my kid to collect all butterflies. The clip is a christmastree decoration. I believe my eldest gave it. I would never buy something like that. It turns out we have more. Who knows I make an exception. 😁💕

Your kids sounds very cooperative and cool. I believe that when younger children are being great it's because they have a great role model.
They have you.

@heartbeat1515 They never say they won't do it and know I write and take photos. Before they start eating they ask "can I eat or do you need to take a photo from it first?"
Frequently I drag around the plate to find some light.

They have a great humor and think like me. My daughter always knows how to make me laugh with her remarks. I love that. ❤️

🤣 Your children are so cute. It's adorable that theybask permission to eat so that you may take photos. 🥰🥰🥰 It show that they have patience too.

They have and even say "thank you" if I give them theit plate 😁😁😁

!trdo !pal !engage5

This is a trial 😅

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Thank you the Trendotoken worked. 😁 I don't think the rest did.


The only problem is that the amount is zero. Now how do I make that worth something 🤔

If you receive Trendotoken you need to stake them first.
You can do this with steem-engine or? I am not great with all these apps/sites perhaps it is possible with another site too?
The more Trendotoken you staked the higher the reward.
See the tip I wrote about it with @wakeipkityy.pal.
Note you can only give 10 a day!

So that is what stake meant. 😅😅😅 Thank you so much. I habe been searching for answers like ages until today. Now I've learned converting my token to steem from @davidke20. I hope his computer is fix already and I learned another things about stake from you. I'm going to try that tomorrow.

You are welcome. Some tokens do not need to be staked like commentcoin and !BEER if you give them away or use them. Tokens from a tribe (marlians, creativecoin, palnet, neoxian, etc) you only stake to give a higher upvote if you use that tribe/site to post. I no longer do that.


Is commentcoins are the same with ccc?

Commentcoin has the tag #cc it's started by Germans to promote engaging.
The community uses the tag #ccc = Curation Circle Creed and their hive is hive-166850.

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Thank you.

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Thank you very much for your support @davidke20. Feel free to join my contest. This week we are looking forward and/or back to internet. 💕

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Heya, thanks for the prompt. All this Tron, Softfork Drama has me wanting to go back to what is really important and staying in touch with my community.

Hope to read lots and lots of these entries.

Great you join us. I hope the steemit/tron fusion will benefit all of us.

You have entry number 6

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I had fun visiting all the entries, thank you for hosting a space for the community.

Thank you for your comment and above all reading the entries. I hope you left them a comment too. It's what is needed most. I wish you a great Friday. 💕

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Sorry I missed your entry. I will send you a substitute reward asap. 💕

Thank you but this is the entry to @gertu her contest! It has nothing to do with mine. The theme is "internet"!


 11 months ago (edited)

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't read the criteria. So your looking back look forward has a theme now? I didn't really read it.

In most cases it has a theme only once in a while it has not. Perhaps you wrote something about internet you can join with?/💕

Thank you for your entry.
You have number 5. 💕

Thank you for your entry.
You have number 8.
Good luck. 💕

This Contest is closed!