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It is 7 years I took her as a pup. A hunter shot her. She went living with the parents of my friend. The mother loved to have a dog again and this one was raised, sweet, trained. The father, years older was against it but they wanted to give it a try. I told them the dog could always come back if it didn't work out. It did, she became father's closest friend. He became ill in the winter of 2018/2019. Not welcome in the hospital because their were so many serious ill people, people with the flue.

He was sent home. Cancer is no longer serious but to him it was and his daughters took care of the dog till she moved to one of them. It's only a few weeks ago her dog mate died unexpectedly and the day before yesterday she died. Died unexpectedly as well. Strange how fast those 7 years passed by.



Looking back - Look forward



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