Peace of mind - 1

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She clung on to the piece of driftwood, praying for daylight but it was not help that was on it's way. Help never shows up when you need it although many believe this is the case.
She'd only given in because she was lonely, felt lonesome. No one ever understood how she felt. Married, happy family, own house and dog sounded great but in reality it was a hell, the gateway to loneliness.
Oh, she knew how others had looked down on her. Her parents, inlaws were the worst. They totally neglected here as if she didn't exist. Her husband... he behaved like a lousy, spoiled kid and never defended her. It felt as if she could drop dead to him too. The sooner the better. She wasn't happy about it, but she'd been recalled to life for a reason and she would go for it. With or without daylight she was ready to fight! She stumbled around and felt for the lock in the dark.

Although the horse came back alone no one had noticed it. It had joined the other horsed and not mentioned the lost of the rider. Why should she? Soon enough someone would find the tattler and take care of it.
On the Livingstone estate, flies were usually the first indication that someone had died. This time they didn't care about paying the dead body a visit. It was as if they knew it wasn't safe and better for them and the world to avoid the place, the plague that would wrap itself around the world soon enough.

Part 2


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