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Parents are not that nice and supportive if it comes to their children. They scold and are angry with their child if it doesn't win. Same to the teachers. It's true what @marblely wrote... They expect that child to win which is a high pressure and parents see their child losing feel bad because it feels as if they are losing.

I wonder if you ever had contests like growing the highest sunflower or biggest plant at your school? We had these contests at primary school for example. The whole school joined. Each child received a free seed or plant.

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Everyone sees the competitions from their perspective. My son was never good at sports. When he did competitions and tried to win, he did not succeed. If she could be with him, she encouraged and comforted him.
I realized from a young age that he was good at his computer and music.
I encouraged him in music but it was impossible to go two separate ways. He decided and I did not encourage him for my dedication to my work.
If the child is good at competing I think I encourage him to continue.

No, not really. The plants we planted were only to see photosynthesis process.
There were no that kind of contests