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RE: CONTEST: What do you do with... ? week 3.44

in CCC2 months ago

Good to see you started. We are at week 3.44!

It's the first time I hear about this plant. We do not have plants who stand for luck or money. No one would buy or give you one for that reason except if it's clover 4.

Good luck with your contest.

 2 months ago 

Thank you. There are many lucky plants here including Clover. I think I'm due for week 3.43 yet.

We all have the same numbers. Monday @team-ccc starts with 4.45... the rest of us follows.

 2 months ago 

Ok, debo cambiar entonces a 3.44. Gracias. Quedé confundida porque porque tú me dices 3.44 y @teamccc me dice 3.43. Tienes razón si el lunes comienza 3.45. Gracias.

Ok, I should change then to 3.44. Thank you. I was confused because you tell me 3.44 and @teamccc tells me 3.43. You are right if Monday starts 3.45. Thank you.