The Diary Game Season 3: Attending a women's conference entry by @beewrites

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Hello Diary,

I travelled outside my residing state to Owerri yesterday because my church is hosting a conference for women in Ministry and Business.
I woke up by 5pm, arranged my hotel room and started getting ready for the program today.
I finally got ready by 8am and waited for my friends and we took group pictures

The program was jammed, people all over Nigeria came down, some live streamed it through our page on Facebook
Women listening attentively to the word.

The aim of the meeting was to raise responsible women and role models in ministry, business and family
The conference wasn't boring at bit. It was spiced with games, talk show, dance, spoken words etc
Many great women in business and ministry were invited. I got to meet @talktofaith

The meeting ended by 5pm, It was really worth travelling for. The experience and encounters were real and deep.


I returned to my city, Abia State by 7:00pm because I was delayed by traffic.
Thank you for reading through

Best regards


Wow you must havw really learnt a lot from the conference

 5 months ago 

Wow. What an impactful conference it must have been @beewrites

I love ur pics mostly... Nice post anyways

@beewrites You seem to have had loads of fun. Great post by the way and hope you got back to your station safely?

Amazing Write up. The conference was indeed an amazing experience.

Wow!!! I'm sure you would have learnt a lot from the conference, that you will be willing to share with us @beewrites

You had quite some exciting moments.

 5 months ago 

This conference was a bomb.. Not to be forgotten in a hurry
@beewrites nice write up

You really do have learnt enough, pls don't loose the beauty