Steemalive Roadshow 4 Is The Icing On The Cake By @benson6 //10% Payout Goes To Steemalive//

in SteemAlive4 months ago


Hello fellow steemians and I am sorry I am coming out straight this time and with a little piece of mine. It is a wonderful feeling to know that something that started like play has come to stay.

Today roads show was the icing on the cake because instead of attracting people, it was the populate that even rush us, we are celebrities, we are hotcakes, the center of attraction.





Day 4 is today and just last week that was a triumphant entry, today we took it another dimension. Steem is creating awareness and we as the promoter, are taking the awareness to every doorstep in Uyo and the world at large.
We began the trip from the office and assemble at the venue by noon and other crew members met us there and instantly the holy ghost descended on us and we began to convince people to join steemit, we even entertain some to show them that we have doings and one with steem is a majority.


The person in charge of the trip was not around but she was well represented, her present was missed but since she was with us in spirit, the atmosphere was at its tempo due to the fact, she taught us well. I will say again, a leader that has updates and doesn't share with its members, the day of absenteeism, the members will get it wrong.



After the roadshow, we headed to the De-choice for refreshment. It went according to plan and everything is smooth. The roadshow is for empowerment but at the same, we need to be refined after a long day preaching, baptizing, casting, and binding. The refreshment was something light and with the cruise, we catch every day after the roadshow, most people want to be like us, and is roadshow is the medium to showcase ourselves to the world that steem is real, tested, and trusted.

I appreciate the present of the following personal that turn up and made @steemalive Uyo Roadshow 4 a huge success.



Wow!!! Roadshow is not for the meek but for those that are capable but I will join anytime soon to catch the cruise also. God bless you @benson6 and @steemalive.

 4 months ago 

Bless you too dear, the door is still open, zero registration and your are welcome to our midst dear.

I was told little beginning matters but Roadshow is turning into a worldwide stuff. Uyo city make some noise for @steemalive Roadshow.

 4 months ago 

The floor is still open for more members, applied and you will not regret. The joy in it is overflow.

I can not wait for the examination to be over and let me join the moving train.

 4 months ago 

My dear, soon poeple will be coming to us to sign them in not we going to them. Yesterday traffic was a thing of joy to me. We where like celebrities no be small

 4 months ago 

Paparazzi and mamarazzi was our names, mess with us and you will get yourself hurt, steem is raining on us like the holy ghost.

 4 months ago 

Hahahaha. It's really raining on us

 4 months ago 

Today was sizzling. It was definitely a success. Kudo to you too.

 4 months ago 

Much appreciation goes to Uyo city for their endless and relentless effort they have put to make roadshow a thing of testimony.

 4 months ago 

It was really awesome to promote Steemit as a team,uyo Steemians are doing great

 4 months ago 

Yes oh and the Lord is our strength and I must say, having you around is the best feelings so far.

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