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Good afternoon to all the wonderful partakers and participate of steem alive. Hope you all are feeling the good work of steemit ? As for me I have felt the wonderful work of steemit in my life and I would love to share with you guys how I love steemit.

Indeed Getting to accept steemit into my life is one of the best decision I have ever made without regrets.

I could remember earlier this year around March @ruthjoe was telling me how wonderful you are (steemit).
How you pay people according to there work without segregating.
She was like I should give you a try that I won't regret it.

In my mind I was like this one they are praising you like this, hmm hope when I accept you now, you wont break my heart and leave me helpless just like the other ones did.

As I kept contemplating on, if I should accept you or not, the more I see and hear the wowing things you are doing. The testimonies was so amazing and tempting. I had to advice myself to give this guy a try cos I can't tell the good thing I have being missing.

Indeed I was missing

So on the month of 4th April. I decided to give it a try. I registered and introduced myself for the first time to my love stemmit. Which was the first step I needed to take to get to know about him the more.

Down the line, my love (stemmit) started showing me different communities that people around the world has opened in his platform and thousand's of people in the communities. All these communities has different engagement and entertainment. It was amazing!! but what blew me off the most, was when he gave me access to all the communities and tell me that I can participate and belong to any of the communities of my choice and he will still pay me for every little effort I put, so far as I will remain real and true by not copyrighting, cheating or plagiarism.

Ever since then, my boo stemmit has not sized to amaze me.
I get voted for, get rewarded with steems whenever i do well in keeping my words of not cheating and also following his rules.


  • steemit has thought me and still teaching me how to be a good writer through the ACHIEVEMENTS post.

  • Steemit has made me to be a confident writer.

  • Steemit has made me a broad thinker. To think things differently.

  • Steemit has taking me AROUND THE WORLD by giving me access to the community.

  • Steemit has made me a better cook by accepting me into the STEEMFOOD community.

  • Steemit has uplifted my soul by giving me access to HEARTCHURCH.

  • I have benefitted so much from the different communities I joined, by reading other people's contest and content.

  • I have met like minds and new friends in this platform.

I don't need to blow deep Grammer for me to get votes and steem.
The journey so far has been amazing.

  • Seriously now I can announce to the world and friends around me that I love stemmit.

I love steemit Soo much


  • Steemit is a live saver.
  • Stemmit is a live changer.
  • My love for steemit is top-notch.
  • There is non like steemit.
  • Steemit is my everything.

I can't finish my morning without doing my morning ritual on steemit which is lid report.

I can't stay throughout the afternoon with out checking on my boo stemmit

I can't sleep at night without cooking for my steemit or completing any contest my steemit puts up.

  • Truely my love for steemit has eaten me up

Stemmit has shown me and taught me that you can be paid for your efforts no matter how small.

I still want to re- vow to you my love steemit.

That I will remain true to you,
To give my all to you,
No matter what people say or do my heart will belong to you,
I thank the God of heaven for giving me to you,
Forever is just a start, forever is me and you.

Long live my king steemit.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Thank you to @talktofaith for putting up this contest. I am glad to express my love for steemit today.



I love your write up. You just described steemit so well. Steemit is indeed a life saver and life changer. Exactly what it did to me. I am much more financially free compared to my days without steemit.


Thank you so much.

More of steem to us

Yeah but pls check the tags you were given to use in the contest post.
I am not sure you used them.

Really 😳. Let me check it now thank you

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@boobee, impressive.
Thanks for participating.
Best regards

Thank you ma.

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