Top 10 Brands- My first choice products and services

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Good evening people of great steemains. Hope you all are having a great day today.
I am glad to to join in this contest to share with you guys my top 10 product and services I have used for years.

My first product is my soap

As the name imples is an extracted payaya which helps your skin colour gliter, enhanced and smooth.
I discovered this product since 2014 and ever since then I have been using the soap without regrets. It also has the lemon extract. Any of the extract can do wonders in your skin.

The benefits of the soap

  • It makes your skin smooth

  • The harbal papaya calamansi leaves your skin spotless and clean.

  • It has victmin c that enhance the skin

The fragrance of the soap s top-notch and long lasting.
You can get the full pack of the soap at the supermarket or any cosmetic shop.

The second product is my body lotion

This body lotion works hand in hand with the extract payaya soap for speed effectiveness. It also has the papaya calamansi body lotion.
You can combine any of the two.


  • It has SPF 10 that prevents your skin from sunburn and dark eye circles.

  • It leaves your skin soft and brighter.

  • It's effectiveness starts in 7days.

It doesn't makes you sweat unncessaryly or uncontrollable. You can get one piece of this product for 1500. The fragrance is very nice

The third product is my toothpaste

I know that most people have heard and used one of the product of this company. They produce alot of things.

I have used their dandruff shampoo, soap, body wash and now there toothpaste.

This product was introduced to me by a friend precious in my University days that was in the year 2017. She was one of there marketers that was selling and marketing this product that year. I was having a server tooth ache that was how i started using longrich tooth paste and other product and I most testify since then, I haven't had any server tooth ache again.


  • It gets rid of mouth odour and bad breath.
  • It makes you cavity strong and healthy.
  • It gets rid of tooth ache and leaves your teeth sparkling white.

You can get it at any big supermarket around your area.

Try this product you would testify

The fourth product is my body spray.


This body spray is one of my best body spray. I have used it close to one year. I discovered it last year July. When I went to a supermarket to get something for myself, I never had enough cash to get my usual body spray so I decided to try this and ever since then I didn't regret buying it.


  • It has a long lasting smell.
  • It leaves your armpit dry and smooth.
  • It's not harsh on the skin and breath.

I call it small but might. You can get it at any supermarket for the price of 5.00steem

The fifth product is izal

Izal is a strong disinfectant that kills germ and bacterias in your skin and home. I have been using it for years now.

  • It is used for washing of toilets and bath room.

  • It is used for washing of cloths.

  • It is used for cleaning the floor.

  • It is used for bathing both adults and children.

  • It kills scabies on the skin. Back then in school that was what my roommate used it cure and clear scabies from her skin.

You can get the disinfectant in any big shop or supermarket.

The sixth product is my yogu

The Yugo plain milk is a processed and refined cow breast milk that is meant for peoples consumption.

Although I have tasted different yougurt, but I discovered this particular one early this year February. What made me stick to it for this long is the taste and also it's affordability.


  • It helps digest your food very fast.

  • It has less fat, so you don't feel heavy after taking it.

  • it has calcium that helps makes your bone strong.

  • It enriches your health and body.

You can't go wrong in drinking this yougurt.

The seventh service is MTN ( Everywhere you go)

This was my first Telecom device that I have been using since 2011. Their network hardly fails. You can get it everywhere you go.

The eight service is cable.

Go tv is one of the best satlite device that has similar factor with DStv. It's a strong product with a cheap subscription. It shows different entertainment station and also educative channels.

You can subscribe as low as #2000 for one month. And you can get the cable at any showroom in the market.

The nineth service is my bank


Firstbank has been existing before I was born and since then it has been one of the best bank in Nigeria.

I opened my account since 2012 which was my first account. They render good service and there charges is not much. I've never had any fraud experience since I joined. The have the best and fast customer care service that attends to you politely and calmly. They have been the first and best since then.

The tenth services is my best fast-food


Crunches fast-food has been my best restaurant or fast-food since I got to know about it.

Back then I have an aunty that works their and she bring their meat pie for us, fish, etc. The best thing I love eating there is there moi moi and salad. You need to taste that combo in crunches so delicious.

They also do home delivery, indoor and outdoor services.

I am glad to participate in this contest. Thank you all for reading.



I love all your brands
Nice one dear.

 6 months ago 

The long rich toothpaste caught my attention. Lol
Great products you've got there.

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