Contest Alert! | Tell Us About Your Favourite City In your Country - 50 STEEM PRIZE POOL

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Hello steemians welcome to my first contest in this blockchain. Steemit blockchain is growing rapidly and its so obvious that contests are behind the success story of the blockchain.

So far there has been a lot of contest, many of us have been enjoying the daily dairy publications, My Town In Ten Pics and lots more. If you would love to share the beauty of your town then 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : My Town In Ten Pics would be suitable for it, However in this contest we want you to tell us about your Favorite city in your country.

Today there are Good number of cities in every given country, so in your own country we want you to tell us in details your favorite city. We want to explore cities in the world. So tell us:

  • Which city is your favourite in your country and why?

  • Are you currently living in that city and for how long have you lived there?

  • What is your favourite city best known for? Are they good in crafty things? Tell us.

  • What are the things you don't like about your Favourite city and you would like to recommend for changes

The Rules

  • This contest is open to every body and can be written in any language.

  • Write In Details About Your Favorite City, You Might Want To Cover The Above Points but go in details, we want to Know your favorite city.

  • You might want to Share pictures of Your Favorite city for more points but Please make it look real, Taking pictures of your city will maximize your point for the contest.

  • Please add Google Plus Code or What3word code to Any images you are sharing with us and don't forget to give credit to any image that is gotten from the internet

  • Share quality content, be creative and Present original content, any form of plagiarism will be bound from the contest. Write not less than 300 words.

  • Use the tag #Steemcity, the name of your favourite city and the name of your country as your first five tags.

  • Share on Twitter with the tag @what3words and #thenameofyourcity.

  • Post your content within the steemalive community, If you are not yet a member of steemalive community, you can join with link. Steemalive community or better still publish on any community.

  • Share the link of your post and the twitter proof on the comment section of this post and please don't forget to resteem to reach out to more people.

Prize Pool

The following award will be given to any publication that meets the abovementioned rules:

1st15 steem
2nd10 steem
3rd8 steem
4th6 steem
5th4 steem
6th2 steem

Every entry that didn't meet up with the rules will be awarded with with 0.5 STEEM each. The Result will be Announced once the post pays out

Thanks, I hope to see participants from different countries.


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Kind Regards



What an awesome contest to participate in. Definitely many of us have one or two awesome city where we live. Will be looking forward to it.

#onepercent #twopercent #nigeria #affable

 2 months ago 

It will be a pleasure to know your favourite city in your country. I'm looking forward to your entry..


 2 months ago 

What a Great Contest you have presented to us here.
I wish to share and to also read other people's entry shortly.

I will surely promote the city I reside on this contest.

 2 months ago 

You are welcome @chinonso1, I will be glad to read and know your favourite city. Looking forward to your entry.


 2 months ago 

Nice and wonderful contest dear @bright-obias. I will surely make my entry. Expect it soon
#twopercent #nigeria #affable

 2 months ago (edited)

You are welcome, it would be great to know about your favourite city.


 2 months ago (edited)

Thanks for participating, Abuja FCT is really a great city with many notable places. Thanks once again


Wow, am getting to work as it is now.

I will try as much as possible to participate in this contest

 2 months ago 

You are welcome, i will be looking forward to your entry.


 2 months ago 

Congrats on your first contest organised on steemit, progress can be slow but it's good.

The contest is an unterestimg one and would drop my entry link soon.

#twopercent #nigeria

 2 months ago 

You are welcome mate. Hope to read from you about your favourite city.


 2 months ago 

Yes I would drop my entry soon, thank you.

Nice one, nice one. Steemit keep provoking creative writing in us. We're game!

 2 months ago 

Lolz, creativity is the key!

That's right.

 2 months ago 

@brigh-obias, I'm just seeing this contest alert now.
This is cool.
Please expect my entry.
Best regards

 2 months ago 

Its great to see that you will participate, i look forward to your entry.


Are my to input my writeup here?

 2 months ago 

No, just make a post with the aforementioned rules about your favourite city in your country.


Ok thanks @ bright-obias

 2 months ago 

Thank you for participating.

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Excelente! bonito banner @cachetes-27, ya preparo mi entrada para participar en este concurso gracias por la invitacion! 😀 😃 😄
 2 months ago 

Great contest these is and thanks to you @bright-obias for making these work. Below are the links to my entry post and the link to my twitter post.

Entry Link:

Screenshot Of Twitter Post

Twitter Link:

Warm Regards,


#twopercent #nigeria

 2 months ago 
 2 months ago 

Thank you for participating on the contest, best of luck from bright...