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RE: LID reporting for today Tuesday 13/7/2021 (Spotlight:: Sugarcane)

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Second Lid Report
Location: Uyo
Time 2:02Pm
Date :13/7/2021

Good afternoon my fellow Steemians. How is your day going? Mine here is moving with rain. Just as we all know, now is not sugarcane season. So I managed to get this native one at my back yard. It's so medicinal. I like eating it some times.



Who cares to enjoy it with me? Please raise your hands up if you are interested. Thanks and have a lovely day


I want suger cane sister

Na bittercane be that bother?


Please i care oooo. Send some to me ooo. Am intereted

Wow that's awesome take your own


You want to kill yourself with all this sugarcane dear?

I'm not killing myself o