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RE: LID reporting for Saturday 10/7/2021 (Spotlight:: Inserticide)

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Ist Lid Report.
Location:MCC Road Aba Abia State.
My Morning Selfie

Good morning my Steemians members.How are you doing?.I hope your night is good.Mine is also good.
I woke up this morning by 5:40am.I did my morning prayers, swept the rooms, watched bathroom/toilet.After that I went to the kitchen, prepare food for my children to eat before I continue work.
After giving them food , I went Outside and cut grasses around my house.While gethering the grasses with rake I took a selfie.


 3 months ago 

You have done a great job today, keeping the environment clean is a good idea, carry de go.

 3 months ago 

No be small thing oo.Thank dear.

 3 months ago 

I didn't know there was an insecticide with that name. Hope it works well?

 3 months ago 

@chigold1 it's good to know you did clean up today.
It's good to keep our environment clean.
I also discovered that you use same phone with me, are you enjoying your Gionee s11 lite?

 3 months ago 

I do enjoy it sometimes.Thanks