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It all started on Sunday evening after i went on a little outing with my boss and mentor @Kadosh2340 on Sunday afternoon;
Below are some excerpts from the outing;





The outing was an interesting one i must confess but after the outing,when i went back home in the evening,i began to feel seriously dizzy and i developed a migraine(Honestly speaking,my head has really been hitting so bad from the inside,I've never experienced such level of headache all through my life until on Sunday evening but i managed to carry it throughout Sunday,then went for my lectures in that same state on Monday morning,i don't know how but i managed to still carry myself in that awful condition throughout Monday but it was a different ball game altogether yesterday being Tuesday.
Yesterday,i woke up very early around 04:55am with an unbelievable headache (migraine) which made me feel like i wouldn't even survive the next minute but i managed to gather up strength and went for my lectures,i attended the first lecture,attended the second lecture but i almost died yesterday in the class during the third lecture,i don't know how i lost my balance,i think i fainted,it was my fellow students that carried me to their room,gave me some drugs and made sure that i get a little sleep,i say a big thank you firstly to God and secondly to my fellow students who helped me immensely,i don't know what would have been the story if not for God and those my fellow students,i don't know what really would have been the story today.

Although,those my friends helped revive me a little but right now,as I'm making this post,I'm very very sick still with the headache (migraine),that's why I'm soliciting for the prayer of you all
I know we're all one family and the prayer of family really goes far,therefore i believe that if y'all pray for me as a family,there would be quick recovery,so please;


Guy, so since Sunday, no attempt to visit a doctor or even any medical laboratory for proper checkup? Please don't risk your life. Seek for medical attention ok.

I wish you quick recovery

Oh wishing you quick recovery, pls get well soon.

Thank you very much

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