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RE: We are glad to announce our brand new community - SteemAlive! Here is our introduction post.

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Dear @steemalive

Thank you for sharing link to this publication with me @focusnow. You surely have some solid project going on here.

I can only hope that you will manage to find time to manage your community. Based on my experience - community need to give it's members few things. One of the most important is: sense of belonging. And it's also crutial to ensure that members have some things in common. Nationality is not going to be enough. It would help to focus on few common topics, which your community would share interest towards.

If it will be community supporting pretty much anyone, writing about anything - then I don't see bright future, simply because engagement level will be very low.

Yours, Piotr


Thanks for the encouragement and support all along. There could be things that we may not get right. But we hope to twerk a some things as we move on. We will show determination and hardwork as we push this project together. We appreciate your kindness once again. @crypto.piotr