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My name is Okoro C. David @davchi, it downs a magnanimous effect to tender appreciation to every positive impact made to one's life.

And at this point in time i, @davchi wish to formally appreciate the steemalive community especially @focusnow Sir, for dimming it fit in appointing me as the city coordinator of my very dear state capital Umuahia to be precise which I here by humbly accept.

With a responsive heart of positive impact I pledge to be more effective in this very great task apportionment to the best of my mandibulous and tenacious technicality in improving and further disseminating the philosophy, ideology and perceptional concept of the steemit ecosystem in general persay, to it's progress through any attainable means.

Nevertheless, am grateful to everyone that has contributed to this great privilege and am happy being a part of the system.

Finally, I promise to keep the system updated as at when due partaining to the progress of my city in general with every possible memo requirement, thank to @steemalive, @steemitblog and to all the blog communities in general
God bless steemit and everyone of us thanks.


Congrats sir. More wins

 4 months ago 

Thanks sir it's my pleasure

 4 months ago 

Hi @davchi,

Accept my congratulations bro....I know you will take Steemit and @steemalive to a higher level in Umuahia City.

Continue to steem higher.

Once again congratulations!!!

#onepercent #nigeria

 4 months ago 

Thanks @samuel20 for this incredible encouragement

Congrats to my own mentor @davchi more winning to you

 4 months ago 

Thanks @patpatrick for this incredible be accolade.

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@davchi, congratulations on your new post appointment. I wish you success in your journey of steemalive city Co-ordinator in Umuahia, as you take steemit to the grassroot of your city.
Best regards

 4 months ago 

Thanks ma @talktofaith for your great concern, am really delighted attaining such position, and I'll really give in my best to promote steemit to every nook and cranny of the state as God strengthens me.

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Keep posting good content and follow @steemitblog for more updates. Keep following all the rules in the Diary Game, as well as improving your Diary post content to get more attention. Thank you, Steemit Team!

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Am grateful to @steemcurator04 and to you sir @focusnow for this magnanimous assistance so far.

Congrats @davchi,more winning