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It is quite interesting to emphatically state my 2021 budget, as this is just ones planned expenditure over his personal income which runs probably within a year.

Really I want to talk on grounds and demands of feasibility so I wouldn't cause commotion.

Honestly it might not be running on a full concept and demand of my psychological estimations but you can go through it's preliminary views.

My Plansmv: naira, dollar, steem
1. Settling my final year educational dues#100,000, ~$264, ~1,454STEEM
2.Getting a new HP 250 G6#90,000, ~$237, ~1,308STEEM
3.boosting of my steem power 500per month from March#345,000, ~$908, 5,000STEEM
Total#535,000, ~$1,409, ~7,762STEEM

As you can see this is just a break down of my year's budget as it stands.
Since am not on salary, I plan to finance these through my steem and Tron account and probably any other external means.

Really a careful perusal has given an outrightly demand on the content of the context in question partaining to the logic of the subject matter.

So without irrequisite complications I decided to give a tabulated and detailed compendium of my years budget to fit the three questions on ground.

Finally on account of total budgetary value you can see that at the base of the table.

On demand of the first three things I will be doing with it, I think is still stated.

And also based on the need for this budget is still stated with the three currency values juxtaposed.

The naira equivalents i equated based on the current value of dollar and steem to naira exchange

The current dollar to naira rate =>#379.5 to $1
The current steem to naira exchange=>#68.8 to 1steem

Thanks for going through, really life runs in stages and as they say "Rome was not built In a day" and even a concept in economics which states that "human wants are insatiable" so our ineffective demands turns effective as we do the needful, thanks.

Best regards:
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God will provide brotherly, it ain't easy schooling here in nigeria.

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I really believe bro

I love our direct and to the point your budget is and before I forget, your vocabulary is to the moon Lols... Joking but then we all have plans for our lives and you've stated it here. I only wish you the best and pray God gives you your heart's desire.

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Thanks dear your wishes are lovely

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Thanks to @bright-obias and @steemcurator04 for this great encouragement on my little effort, am grateful.