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Dear diary,

In contingency to maintainance of real time and boycotting the dangers of procrastination, I therefore wish to elucidate my days exertion to our perusal lucidly and vividly.

So friends, I woke up around 6am, and then had my morning prayer, thereafter i read my Bible and went outside of the house to face my days activities squarely.


my morning pix at home

What3words location at Umuana Ndume:

Finally I had my brush and then took my Mum to a nearby medical center at Umuana Ndume where she went to treat a bowl that has been disturbing her for some while now, and praise to God she's getting healed now.


pix at the medical center I took my mum for treatment in Umuana Ndume

What3words location:

So after talking her there for a treatment, I then drove out with my Bike.

Nevertheless, on the process I visited my engineer in his site to see the level and position of the work in site.

At getting to site, they are not yet through with the digging of the trench/foundation.

So I came home from there and had my rest in the day.

Due to the sculchy weather, I couldn't have my siester, so I just picked my acustic bass guiter for a play.


pix while playing on my bass guitar in the noon time at Umuana Ndume

What3words location:

After playing, which took me into the evening, I went and fetched some water for the house at Menac water company and finally drove out again with my bike, and thereafter i came back in the night.


pix of some Jerry cans i fetched In the evening

What3words location:

So while in the house, I took my bathe and went to bed to have my rest from my days exercises, and finally took off to sleep at an undetermined time.

That was really how I spent my day to the Glory of God.

Thanks to @steemitblog for making the diary game and unending jauntly expedition. Am also grateful to every one that was able to make it to my days diary, thanks.

Best regards:
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@davchi, sorry for mum's health. She will fine and better off soon. Good to also know you play bass guitar. Hope I learn one day.
Thanks for sharing. Nice day

 2 months ago 

Thanks bro @xkool for your prayers, I believe you can play if you can give it a trial

 2 months ago 

Hi @davchi,

You had a good day.Your mum will be fine soon.Just soonest.

You also helped to fetch water and other chores at home.It is always good to help out.

You play guitar too.Thats lovely.

I wish you a great day ahead.

Best Regards!!!

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 2 months ago 

Thanks so well @samuel20 for your prayers i really believe she is fine already, thanks.

took my Mum to a nearby medical center

You're a nice kid. God bless you and your mum. Ameen.

You're also a very helpful and diligent person. May you go far in life.

My love to your mum. ❤️

 2 months ago 

Thanks ma really am doing my best and really believe God will do the healing aspect of it, nice having you around, bye.

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