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Dear diary,

Is my pleasure to pen down my day's exertions on your walls as exhaustedly engaged.

So friends, I woke up around 5am, after which I read my Bible and finally had my morning prayer.

Thence, I went outside of the house and had my wash.

Really I hadn't plan going any where, but just to go for a ride with myBike and come back.

So while trying to fix everything on my Bike before going out, my Brother came back from his farm and asked me to go and work for a lady that needed a mason in her farm.

So I went there first to see the nature of job and finally came home to picky tools after bargain with her.

To be precise the work was just to amend some places dug by her pigs.

So I started work when I got to her farm, while she helped in fetching water for her work.

But surprisingly, I observed that her pigs could hear and understand whatever she tells them.


pix of her pigs

What3words location at Ibeku:

Wow I was really pinned to the wall stunningly in amazment.

Really I was just enjoying the whole scene while still keeping to my work.

I had never imagined pigs to hear and understand human language and orders, because I thought that was only our normal pets that could hear our languages and orders.

Bye the way, I was able to finish the work in the evening as we don't work based on time period here Nigeria.

So after the work I was remunerated and went home.

{ Pix of the finished work left, and pix after work right}

Nevertheless, while at home I received a phone call from my Pastor to come to Aba road in the town precisely at Stamphold Junction (just known by those that lives within the town)


a part of the site and the junction itself at Aba road

What3words location:

So at getting to the place, he introduced me to his in-law that needed some workers.

Besides after our conversation I went home to have my rest for the day.

And finally I went to bed around 10pm after watching a television program, and finally slept at an unprecise time as nature may have it.

That was how I spent my day joyfully being the 6th day of the
month of January, 2021.

Am really grateful to @steemitblog fir making the diary game an unending adventure, am also grateful to every one that comes around either for a comment or an upvote, thank you all.

Most appreciated:

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 2 months ago 

Nice diary;busy day.....You mean pigs can understand the human language???😄😄

You are really a hardworking personality,keep up the good work.

I am also impressed with your level of engagement on Steemit.

Do have a great day ahead.

#onepercent #nigeria

 2 months ago (edited)

Honestlu I was really stunned, she even told me that there were some of her so pigs tgat she gave names,Is my pleasure.

 2 months ago 

Great diary @davchi, the thing about animals is that if you start to communicate with them from their tender age they would hear and understand you especially when it comes to commands meant for them.

The pregnant pig there can litter over 10 piglegs and that would be so much money for the woman once they are grown, 1 fully pig can cost 200,000 niara above.

Am glad you had a fruitful day, thanks for shating.

 2 months ago 

Am glad you came bro @iamlynxie

 2 months ago 

You are welcome.

You really have a great day and yes one must start his day with God each day.

I am still surprised how the pigs can understand what she is saying also.



 2 months ago 

Is really great to grace your day with God, really I was stunned, if not that I went for work I would have just videoed her.

Nice dairy.
There is power in training. I remembered when we rear goats, they obey commands.
Thanks for sharing

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 2 months ago 

Am grateful to @yohan2on and @steemcurator04 for tgis beautiful reward given toy post, is really my pleasure you came.