SteemAlive Official Application for Community of the Month Support Program - October 2021.

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I wish to start by saying a big thank you to the STeemit team for seeing SteemAlive worthy of support since this community support program was started in August. We have enjoyed the support in August and September. Now I make this application on behalf of SteemAlive community for support in the coming month of October 2021. Here is our official application.


SteemAlive Community - Our Purpose

The purpose of Steemalive community has always been 100% Steem Promotion in Nigeria. Over the course of our 1 year existence, we have lived up to and exceeded expectations as probably the most active Steem promotion community in Nigeria. Little wonder we have recruited and mentored individuals that became so valuable to the Steem blockchain. We have not deviated an inch from our mission to take Steem to every doorstep in Nigeria. We continue to work along this goal and record successes as we do so. So basically, this community was set up to recruit, mentor and support users from our country Nigeria - and beyond.


SteemAlive Community Team

We understand the power of leverage. That was why we have brought a lot of hands into the leadership team so as to be able to duplicate efforts easily across the nation. This is the make up of our leadership team:

@focusnow - admin and founder
@Steemalive - admin (Community account)


City Coordinators
@talktofaith (Lagos)
@ngoenyi (uyo)
@prolee (Port Harcourt)
@ceendy20 (Owerri)
@samuel20 (Aba)
@peachyladiva (Abuja)
@charis20 (Nasarawa)
@godsbest (Enugu)
@tenguhatanga (Bamenda)
@pricelesspresh (Asaba)
@fredquantum (Osogbo)
@kadosh2340 (Umuahia)

Aside from @tenguhatanga who is from Cameroon, all the team members are Nigerians. Our official language is English. We also have local dialects across the ethic groups. So each member of the team writes, speaks and understands at least 2 major languages - English and a local dialect.

The team members are rewarded by having at least one of their posts submitted to booming. For most, its to per week. @samuel20 and @ninapenda are paid full-time staff at the Aba training center. Aside from these, all others are volunteers. The community key has been properly backed up. @samuel20 and @ninapenda are in possession of the posting key as they help to publish articles for the community.


Community Curation account

We understand the importance of building community Steem power and that is why we have Power2Soar, a contest that happens every two weeks to encourage and reward powering up steem. We power up the account at least once every two weeks by swapping some SBD to Steem. Our Steem power currently stands at 13,100 Sp. We do not have any delegations as our community economy was never built on delegations.

Plans for building community voting power

  • Power ups: As stated above, we convert some SBD to steem and power up at least once every 2 weeks. That is the reason why not all community posts are set 100% power up. We also reward our members who power up because they help the community voting power through curation trail.

  • Curation Trail: We are happy to state that SteemAlive community has the most followed curation trail on the platform with 414 followers. Because of our active promotion activity, our followers grow exponentially. Right now the trail votes with between $3 - $5. Through this we are able to support member posts. We hope to grow the trail to 1000 followers by December 2021. Our curation trail account is @steem-alive


@steem-alive voting CSi

image.png@steemalive voting CSi

  • Beneficiary earnings (NEW): Not too long ago, we requested our members to help us grow by setting their posts to at least 10% beneficiary to @steemalive. Happily, almost all have complied. This is going to help us make extra earnings and power them up.

We do not power up all the posts. We earn SBD and swap then power up. We also pay contest winners from the community wallet. We also finance our promotion projects from the community wallet. Because of the way curation trails work, @focusnow has continued to manage the community voting, ensuring that up to 10 posts maximum are voted. Sometimes, its not up to 10. But at least 5 posts are voted per day as we manage our growing curation account.


Plagiarism and Abuse

We believe that giving people the proper orientation not to get involved in crime is better than solving crimes. So our weekly mentorship classes educate our members on the importance of making original posts. We explain what plagiarism is - stealing - and the consequences. Beyond the education, we take action too. We mute without warning any posts found to have plagiarized. We also restrict the user from participating in community activities.

Our admins @samuel20 and @ninapenda checks posts with plagiarism tools to ensure they are original. All these measures have ensured that plagiarism is very rare among our members. Unless someone decided deliberately to do wrong. We make sure all images, texts and videos are plagiarism free.


Engagement and commenting

Engagement is important for us. So one of the top jobs of our admins @samuel20 and @ninapenda is to make comments on most posts. They are doing this job very well. Additionally, we also design our programs towards encouraging good engagement among members. For example, one of the criteria for awarding contest results is the amount of quality comments participants make on other participants posts. Our post promotion channel also has a strict rule that one has to comment on 2 posts before dropping their link on the channel. Additionally, members of our Promoters Club are required to comment on achievement 1 posts as part of the condition for winning SteProMA, our monthly awards.


Plans and Update

We publish updates through @steemalive weekly, although the last update was a little delayed due to engagement. We also have an update channel on Telegram where links of our update posts are dropped. The City Coordinators also have their own city groups where updates from the community are relayed. Through these means, we get our members informed.

As regards plans, we have many of them. Some are long term and others are short term. Here are a few:

  • Save2Soar: This is a 1 year savings investment project. We contribute at least 10 Steem and Power it up at the end of the week. We have 31 participants and we have gone halfway into this project. @save2soar currently has 11k Sp.

  • SteProMA (NEW): This is a new monthly reward project for our Promoters. Its kicking off at the end of this September. We use this project to encourage promotional activity by rewarding outstanding members of the promotion team

  • Power2Soar: Another project with a long term lifespan, we have been doing this for some time now. We run this powerup contest once every 2 weeks and we reward winners with delegation.

We have plans to increase our curation trail to at least 1000 followers before the end of the year. We also have a plan to expand the City Coordinator project because of the important role they play in the community. Other plans we have are all geared toward making our community strong and formidable long term.



This is our area of strength because that is the main purpose of the community - Steem Promotion. We utilize all avenues to create awareness. We promote steem outside the Steem platform. Here are some of the things we do:

  • Radio Presentation: We go to Radio stations weekly to get more people to learn about the Steem blockchain. The Cities of Aba, Uyo and Lagos have used this method. Aba particularly continues to broadcast steem in some of the most popular Radio Stations:

  • The Steem Road Show: This is probably the largest, coordinated Steem Promotion activity every done in Nigeria. We hit the streets and look for busy locations where people can be found. With our Steem banners, Tshirts and Fliers, we talk to people and get them to join Steemit. The RoadShow is simulteneously happening in Aba, Umuahia, Uyo, Asaba and Nasarawa. With more than 45 volunteers participating and more than 30 new users signed up already, the Steem Road Show would be the deal breaker. Its less than 2 months old, but has already achieved a lot.

  • Online ads: We run sponsored ads on facebook which has brought in a lot of new users, including some that went on to become leaders in their city like @talktofaith. We recently started running ads on Nairaland, the largest online forum in Nigeria with more than 2 million active users.

  • Referrals: We reward members with some steem when they bring their friends to join. This way, we have gotten new users through such referrals.

  • SmatKontrat (NEW): We are currently finalizing plans to take Steem promotion to target groups and organizations. This project will promote partnerships with organizations and associations that have many members. This way, we want to create a steady flow of new members from their organizations.


Why Choose Us/Conclusion

Because we produce results. We currently have 5865 subscribers and 175 active posters. SteemAlive is the home of Nigerians on Steemit. We make it easy for new people fromour country to make friends, receive the support and mentorship needed to excel on Steemit. Is it surprising then that we have produced country CR's, Professors, exceptional cryptoacademy students and city leaders. The most valuble crop of Steemians from Nigeria came in through SteemAlive. This explains why we need all the support we can get from the Steemit team.

Although not more than 1 month old, the Steem Road Show which we started recently is spreading like wildfire. More than 45 volunteers across 5 cities make reports of their promotion activity weekly. The number will grow exponentially in the next few weeks. Those volunteers want to do Steem Promotion as life career. They need all the support available, to do this work more. We hope that our application will receive a favorable consideration from the Steemit team.

Thank you everyone @steemitblog, @stephenkendal, our City coordinators, Promoters, members and well-wishers.

Thank you so much.

@focusnow, For SteemAlive Community.


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 2 months ago 

This application cries for positive feedback. I didn't just conclude, don't misquote me. I mean the reasons are valid and positive, having all those reasons @steemalive community needs to be picked as one of the community to be supported by the steemit team.

Sir @focusnow and the @steemalive governments are too focused to be distracted when it comes to taking the community to a greater height. Good compilation of works done by the admin, you made a great post here.

I believe with our commitment to the promotion of Steemit we'll be picked as one of the community to receive support from the steemit team.

 2 months ago 

I agree with you @steemalive community has engaged itself in so many activities in trying to promote steemit. Mostly the recent happenings like the roadshow is a good way to promote steemit.

Steemalive deserves a nomination for the next month community support

 2 months ago 

Detailed explanation and well lined up activities @focusnow.
We are on a mission to take steemit down to every doorstep in Nigeria.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for your effort in helping us achieve that vision. Together we can do more @patience20

 2 months ago 

It's @patience90 sir @focusnow.
Thank you

Thank you sir for this, steemalive is going higher, and am proud to be part of it

 2 months ago 

You have worked hard with the Umuahia team. Lets work even harder to achieve bigger things @marmasworld

Thank you sir for the encouragment

 2 months ago 

Hi @focusnow

Firstly, thanks for the update because it is well detailed
Secondly, getting the support will be a massive support to this great community
Thirdly, the roadshow is eye catching and this can be made a routine through support and love.
The last but not the least, the growth of steemalive is massive, their product is breathtaking and I am one of the product of @steemalive and I can say, we are dominating and our dominance can not be noticed if we are not given the title.

 2 months ago 

Thank you @benson6 for being one of the most active members of our community. We are optimistic we will get the support to grow and excel.

 2 months ago 

Great work from you @focusnow, well detailed post, we are composed to promote steemit to the higher level, so many projects outlined Working effectively I'm so happy to be part of this great community, I will do my best to remain top class, once again Many thanks to you*

 2 months ago 

@kingcent. I appreciate your positive outlook. Am sure the PortHarcourt team is cooking something big. We cant was to work on it together. Kudos to you

Thanks a million, weldone

 2 months ago 

What do you appreciate most about this application. Can you be more expressive. @elchariddai

 2 months ago 

Well stated, this is one support that has the ability to give us a 100% yield in the coming month.

Thank you @steemalive for always carrying us along and to @steemitblog for your unending support. Also grateful to @stephenkendal for having the advancement of #steem at heart.

We will yet promote #steemit.


 2 months ago 

Charis20. Thank you for your work at Nasarawa. Its so valuable to us. We hope to get more support from the month of October so that we can finish up what we have started. Thank you for all you have done.

 2 months ago 

Steemalive is where I started as a steemian. I grew up to become what I am from their. The growth and the strategies for promotion have been topnotch. I will be glad if we are given this coming months support. It will really assist in carrying out all our plans.

 2 months ago 

@ngoenyi. We admire your growth and progress, evidence of you dedication and hardwork. Thank you so much for all the great work you have done and continue to do. It means a lot to us.

God bless you @focusnow you detailed it all, Steemalive community has alot of engagement that will always keep one busy. This well informed.

 2 months ago 

@sammyevans. Thank you so much. We hope to work harder so as to climb to the next level.

Sure sir.

 2 months ago 

@steemalive my home thank you for all you do and we keep moving. @focusnow my admin sir you have given a clear and clean narrative of all steemalive stands for and is worth admiring Sir.

Thank you So so much.

 2 months ago 

@peterabagi. Your serious works and commitment is greatly appreciated. thank you so much. Lets work harder and do better in future endeavors

 2 months ago 

This is absolutely a well detailed application for our community support. I am very positive about this.....

Lately, steemalive has a lot of engagement at hand,, the radio show, the road show, infact it's about creating of an awesomeness to the public. The road has been the inn thing at hand, almost all the cities here in Nigeria now go for the road show to create awareness, I have also been joining the road show in my city.

I am positive minded that steemalive community will be among the selected communities of the month.....

Kudos to all steemalive community members, kudos to our leader @focusnow

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much @ninapenda for your commitment at the Aba center. Its very much appreciated. We hope to do more and continue to explore new opportunities in our promotion efforts.

 2 months ago 

@steemalive has been a great community of encouragement on steemit,@focusnow does everything within his reach to encourage and carry everyone along, promoting steemit has always been the goal of @steemalive community.

 2 months ago 

@beautybb. Thank you so much. We look forward to more effort in addition to what you have done as we aim to take the community higher.

 2 months ago 

Sure, we will get there

 2 months ago 

Hi @focusnow,

Thank you for making a detailed application for the community support.Steemalive Community is really on top of her game.The Community has a lot of engagements,road shows,radio awareness and everything necessary to promote and sustain Steemit and steemians alike.

Almost all the cities here in Nigeria are embarking on a road show twice weekly of which I have actively participated in all.I believe Steemalive deserves to nominated and selected for greater support in the coming weeks.


 2 months ago 

You have been outstanding in every aspect of your work as admin. Thank you so much for all that you do. We are sure the rewards would come bigger soonest @samuel20

 2 months ago 

This is one of the most amazing community I've ever seen in the steemit blockchain, the activities and engagement is really mind blowing.

I must appreciate the admin of this great community for the work and effort invested so far in this amazing Community.

Thank you so much sir @focusnow,the moderators, the promoters and everyone who put their effort in making this community and outstanding amount one.

Hello @focusnow you have said it all, what more can I say? than telling you that I support your application wholeheartedly. I pray Steemitblog will favor this application and render this great community their support, so that all it's purpose might be achieve.

 2 months ago 

Nice one
Thanks for making it well detailed and informative

 2 months ago 

We hope to get the support we need. Thank you for dropping by. @ijebest

 2 months ago 

@focusnow, thank you so much sir.

 2 months ago 

Thanks @focusnow for the well detailed update, Steemalive is really on top when it comes to promoting Steem here in Nigeria.

Thank you sir for your hard work, the community is growing speedily.

 2 months ago 

If there is any community that deserve support then it's steem alive, if not for anything for the great leaders that have everyone's interest at heart, the various programs, innovation and creativity at its peak!!!

You've all done well,thank you so much

This is highly appreciated.
As a new member i have gotten more clarity on the goals and visions of the group steemlive via this post. Looking forward to greater achievements thanks admin @focusnow, this is a good one.

 2 months ago 

Yes @steemalive community deserves this support. We deserve it.
Steemalive as a community is been doing a lot in steemit promotion in Nigeria and other parts of the world like Camaroon.
I hope we gets considered this month for this support.
Best regards

I pray we get this support,@steemalive and @focusnow and other members of this awesome community are working so hard on steemit.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for making this applications.Infact steemalive has added values in steemit and still adding.They need to be supported.@focusnow you have said it all and I agreed with you.


You have really stepped up this community to be the best overall.

This Is so great

 2 months ago 

Thank you @focusnow for this application, we wish we get the support needed so as to support the promoters and the entire community. This is a community whose aim is to add value to steemit. The community carry on promotional activities for at least twice a week, recruit and mentor new users of the platform. My this support be ours.

 2 months ago 

Kudos @focusnow 🙌
I'm glad with the rate at which the community is growing........ I must confess since the beginning of the surport program, the surports have been a source of motivation to everyone in our community.
I appreciate all the steemit teams behind it.
Let's keep up good work
I pray we gets surport again for the month of October 🙏🙏🙏

Thank you @focusnow for this detailed application on our behalf. I hope this application finds the desired favour so that our ever growing population will receive the adequate Support

 2 months ago 

Indeed #steemAlive is an amazing community, well structured, amazing activities taking place and has high ambitions for growth which everyone is working so hard to achieve. It gonna be a positive response from this detailed report/application @focusnow. I pray we continue to achieve our set goals and becoming the best community in terms of growth on steemit.

#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago 

Indeed #steemAlive is an amazing community, well structured, amazing activities taking place and has high ambitions for growth which everyone is working so hard to achieve. It gonna be a positive response from this detailed report/application @focusnow. I pray we continue to achieve our set goals and becoming the best community in terms of growth on steemit.

#twopercent #cameroon

Thank you @focusnow for this report. I hope we get it this time around. I must confess that you are doing a good job. Kudos!

I wish this group good luck on their application

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