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RE: Live and Direct Reporting. Sunday 17/1/2021. (Spotlight: Nosemask Selfie ) 100% powered up

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My First Lid Today

Location: 43B Ilupeju 2, Osogbo
Time: 10:14 am
Date: 17/01/2021

Good morning, fellow Steamians. Trust you had a great night. I had a very cool one here.

My first selfie of the day

I woke up around 6:30 am this morning to a cold weather. This is the kind of weather we encounter everyday here and I'm getting used to its refreshing impact on my system.

I tidied up everywhere, and try to prepare for church. After church around afternoon, I have plans to hit the street and enjoy the beautiful view of my town. I will keep you all posted. Enjoy the blessed day, dear Steemians.



Good morning bro, i trust you are having a great sunday.

Yes. I am having a great one here. What about you up there?

 3 months ago 

I really wish it can be a hobby so that I can enjoy it none stop. Thanks for visiting my post

#twopercent #cameroon

You can cultivate the habit. Adopt and get adapted, lol. Do have a great day ahead.

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