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RE: LID reporting for today Sunday 9/5/2021 (Spotlight:: Wedding Event)

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3rd lid report
Location : Lagos
Date: 09/05/2021
Time: 5:04pm

good evening my good people in the house I promised to update you as regards our virtual Christian meeting by 10am today it was truly a success, the meeting highlights the application of proverbs 27:11, which shows that God have feelings and we can hurt him or make him happy by our actions, even on matters of conscience where there is no specific law on the particular matter, example is on the matter of dressing and grooming, if we use our dressing and grooming to stumble others we may end up offending God, also young men are encouraged during the watchtower study to reach out for privilege of service by making good name for themselves, avoiding bad association and looking out for ways to assist others and also to choose friends among those who love Jehovah and trust in Jehovah to support them in there life as they relentlessly live each day doing God's will. David was a fine example in that regards, he was a responsible you man who seriously stand it what is right and handles responsibility with every seriousness, for example when lion and bear came to attack his flock David trusted in Jehovah and risk his life to protect the flock under his care and he succeeded in killing the two beast, when David was anointed as king he was not in a hurry to take over the kingship he patiently waited for God's time and was busy conquering neighboring enemy nation, the lesson is that while young men may be expecting to have privilege of service in the Christain congregation they should not be discouraged if it's not forth coming as they expected, they should patiently wait on Jehovah's time and be busy in the work of the Lord, there are also additional lesson from king Asa and king jehoshaphat which time will fail me to explain all so if you wish to learn more more you can chat me up I will send you the link to read up the publication at your own convenient time and if you are interested in joining the zoom meeting, also let me know so that I can send you the meeting ID and password, thanks for patiently reading through.


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