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Location: St. Paul’s aba
Time: 6:40am.
Date: 27/2/2021

My live lid report
Good morning my steem family
Happy weekend, hope you all had a great week and a lovely night.
Mine was great, I slept like a baby in this wonderful cool weather, that’s why I woke up early today around 5:58am, so that I can prepare before traveling to uyo,akwa ibom state, clean up here in Aba starts from 8:30-9am so I need to move early.
Time: 9:00am
like I said, so I can meet up for the clean up start, immediately i got to the AKTC park, I bought my ticket
.. so our bus left Aba around 8:30am, our bus got spoilt along INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS
ogbor hill aba so everybody came down from the bus so the driver couldn’t do anything so one of the passenger help with his services and repair the bus
So we now pass Onitsha Ngwa
around 10:15am we touch down in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state
We passed first FLY-OVER
The second FLY-OVER, The Good Jonathan fly over such a beautiful city
Time: 2:40pm
as I touch down in Uyo I dropped my small luggage I went to a restaurant to have my lunch
Soup name is EBA, WHITE SOUP with GOAT MEAT
TASTE GOOD, you are free to join me
Time: 5:10pm
So After eaten my white soup in a restaurant I went back home, I rested a little bit... so after resting a little because of the long journey I went to barb my hair
So I after my haircut, I went back home i took my bath. I didn’t go out again, I was in the room watching movies with my phone, it was a long day for me.
Thanks for taking time to read my post
And I also appreciate the wonderful efforts of:


Very beautiful travel pictures. Nice diary.

Thank you I really appreciate

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