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RE: Live and Direct Reporting. Sunday 17/1/2021. (Spotlight: Nosemask Selfie ) 100% powered up

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Abuja, Nigeria
1st LiD Report.

Good day Steemians and happy to be back with LiD Report. I just woke up feeling great, the weather here is cool and partially sunny.


The week has been a busy one for me, today I would be going to Mass and after that I have a business seminar to attend by 2pm. It is about Smax Global and showing people how the business works.

Bye for now guys and I'll be back by noon with more reports for sure. Do have a great day wherever you are, keep steeming hot.

Warm Regards,


#twopercent #nigeria


Good morning sir, have a nice and wonderful day

 3 months ago 

Have a wonderful business seminar today. I wish I can join.

Have a wonderful
Business seminar today.
I wish I can join.

                 - ngoenyi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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