diary game season 3:My quiet Monday by @isiben 19/04/2021 // better life with steemit

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Hello friends of STEEM, hope your day went well?
Mine was awesome and peaceful. Tho not in good shape but I thank God for life.

Tilapia fish
So this tilapia fish, was brought home by my aunty this morning and I decided to use it for pepper soup, which will be eaten with boiled rice.

The delicacy
After dishing out the food , Every body did enjoy it , and later on I went to get a file from a friend.

When I returned from collecting the file, I got home feeling feverish and have to send my sister out to get drugs for me. I got a bit relieved.
I wasn't able to do anything but to rest . immediately I'm done writing , I will retire to bed to sleep and get ready for tomorrow school runs

Thanks for visiting my post today.



You Will get better dear

Amen , thank you sir

The pepper soup looks good. I am glad you are okay. You should take some rest you really need it if you dont want to worsen your condition. Stay strong