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RE: LID reporting for today Tuesday 22/6/2021 (Spotlight:: 5 Story building)

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Second LID report
Time: 5:13
Location: ABA
Date: 22


This is my second LID Report, i have been searching for 5 storey building,
I keep on seeing 3,2, and 4 storey building until I decided to go to living world hospital at afule, because there are numerous buildings inside the compound.

I can't go inside the hospital because I don't know who I will tell them am looking for, so I decided to follow from the building back and capture it. Thanks to God, bye see at my dairy Report post.


Nice job, Weldon bro

@joeboi thank God you finally found it.

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Please can you fiine an apartment there, it look nice.

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 4 months ago 

I later found it