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RE: LID reporting for today Wednesday 14/7/2021 (Spotlight:: A river or Lake)

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First LID Report Morning selfie
Location: Aba, Abia State
Time: 9;14am
Date: 14, June 2021
Good morning my fellow Steemains, hope everyone had a great night, my night was so terrible, i thought i have gotten better yesterday, then i went to work, around,8:00pm yesterday's night cold, catarrh and cough hold me down but they work am working they won't give permission to rest if you are ill. They will tell you if you are sick leave the work and lose the day's money, but i have started work already, so i can stop. Thanks to God am back and am about to go and buy medicine, pray for me to get better, please.


Speedy recovery bro. 🙏

My dear, get well soon

Oh dear you’ll get better
Take the drugs and you’ll be fine in no time
It’s the season for that because of the rainy season
Get well soon @joeboi

Speedy recovery dear

Stay strong.

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Tnks all

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You’re welcome @joeboi

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Ok boss