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Good morning steemians how was your night, welcome to my diary post. Today been friday 22-1-2021 on thi diary i will explain on how i spent yesterday.
Yesterday was indeed a good day for me i woke up at axactly 6:30am despite the coal in my place. I did my morning duties which is to feed the goat we hav



![IMG_20210122_090547_1.jpg]( pictures of me feeding my goat.



IMG_20210122_090640_6.jpg After that i aet my break fast and wen to my work pkace where i learn photography. i closed from work by 2pm went home take my bath had a rest and had my lunch, after eating i went to the church at exactly 3:pm to pray daily prayer which is the divine mercy prayer, as a divine mercy divotee(member) after the prayer i went back home.
At 4:30pm i went to play a football match with a rival team, which we lost the match 6-1, with hard labour after the match i the came back home at 6:30pm looking very tired, i took some rest and went to watch a football match between liverpool and burnley at 9:00pm, that ended 1-0 in favour of burnley. burnley created a historic night after ending liverpool 68 game unbeating run at anfield.
After the match ended at 11:00 i went home took my dinner had a rest on bed and i slept.
Thanks for reading home you enjoyed it see you later