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Greetings friends

It's my pleasure to bring us update from my City Umuahia, partaining to our growth so far within ourselves and as well in the city.

I do appreciate @steemitblog system for their assistance on our posts so far and also to the entire @steemalive community.


We the co-ordinators @kadosh2340 and @davchi have been on the personal meetups to share plans and strategy for the growth of our memebers and how to preach and publicize steemit to the ends of our city Umuahia.

We have been trying our best to encourage and keep every member of our community in high spirit through every attainable medium both in terms of assistance and direction on what to do and how to do it.

Our Leader @focusnow had to create a city curation account which everyone in the city deposits a minimum of 5 steem per week for the next one (1) year. This is to help in curating everyone who participates in the project, and as well boost the passion for writing in eveyone. Here's the link for more information about the City Curation Accounts

Our scheduled offline meeting for this month 30th of May 2021 could not hold due to the unrest in our location and the instructions given to different states to stay inside our homes which ours is included Abia State.
We decided to postpone the meeting after getting response on the current situation at our place. This is a very sensitive time on our area and everyone is being careful with his or her whereabouts. These are the pictures of violence in our area 👇
original_e0b1fdaa-4d68-444d-9a92-22938b2376de_Screenshot_20210531_182034.jpg[Pictures Of The Violence In The Southeastern Region Of Nigeria]

Moreover, we had to make a customized design for our Steemit T-shirt which mine is ready. Below are samples of mine and the cost of everything.👇
Screenshot_20210526_191552.jpg[This is mine]

Screenshot_20210531_191349.jpg[This is another for Umuahia steemian @ladyofpolicy]

We already applied to @stephenkendal for the support of steem to help reduce the task of the project at hand.

Compilation of Umuahia Steemalive Steemians

16@antimony09ACTIVE ✓
2 7@samugobestACTIVE


At the moment, we barely have inactive members regardless a few sometimes stop writing due to the discouragement of no votes to appreciate their prolonged efforts but we the leadership try our best to encourage to put in much hardwork, because steemit pays hardwork and consistency and that I'm very certain about. So when we do this, they bounce back to writing like never before.


• Offline Meetings : On pending due to city unrest
• T - shirts : 60% Loading
• Weekly City Contests : Postponed To The Month Of June.
• Publicity : radio, rally , media ads, etc.. kicks off after our first offline meeting.

Sincerely, I must appreciate everyone's effort for their fast response and continual suggestions for the growth of our city Umuahia. Despite their personal busy schedules, they still create out time to contribute to the city's growth. Regardless of their mood swings for the lack of votes, they're lovely people and I love them plenty 💝

Please stay at home and be careful of your whereabouts. Always communicate to your loved ones wherever you're going to. These are precious times not to joke with please.

Forever, I'm thankful to my Boss sir @focusnow for his checkups, wisdom, encouragement, ideas, Inspiration to the members of my community and we the co-ordinators to stay put as there are better days ahead and also other city coordinators in diverse cities where @steemalive and steemitblog has spreaded and still spreading too 💝💝

Maximum appreciation goes to @steemitblog for their incredible assistance so far, as a faction of the community, we wish to say a very big thanks to you all ❤️

NB: If you are an Umuahia Steemian and you didn't see your name in the above compiled list, please do well to drop a comment on the comment section about it, or send any of the Umuahia City Co-ordinators a DM on WhatsApp.

Best Regards


You've got a free upvote from witness fuli.
Peace & Love!

Thank youv @fuli, I do appreciate big time💜

We're really growing ain't easy at all

Anyways,i love the T-shirt and I'll love to get mine in due time

I love the T-shirts, they are beautiful, this is a very good upgrade for steemit and now people will see our seriousness.

Of cause and we have more serious things to do like games and Community boost. Thanks for responding to the post @wealthmary

Wow we are really going somewhere.

Sure, we have an objective to meet up.
Thanks for reading through the post @sammyevans.

Your efforts are visible .. Sir thank you so much for having sacrificing your time for us to grow

Thank you for making it easier for us. We need your help to do more @joycebubble.

Am with you sir

Thank you @kadosh2340 and @davchi.
The T-shirts look really Good..And for the offline meeting being rescheduled was really a nice idea..due to the present suituation in the state..thanks for having us at heart..I know after our meeting soon, alot of events will kick off..which will help this community and Steemit in general..

Thank you

Thanks for your ernest support to the growth of the city and will never stop needing it @obikay

Nice effort from you sir @kadosh2340 and @davchi towards our community. The T-shirts looks nice, will have mine soon.

Thank you for the continous contribution for the growth of the city as well @olachi.

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This is an amazing step and am glad we're moving forward. Please few of my recruits are not recorded in this post and their names include @debbylove,@mimiiotuka and @ironlady001,please sir @kadosh2340 include their names,thanks.

@ladyofpolicy, Thank you for always pushing the city towards excellence and achieving goals. I've updated your recruits to the list. Pls let them comment and resteem the post.

It is well with us in Umuahia. This past week has been fraught with uncertainty and fear but we will not despair. Forward ever Umuahia steemalive community. Thanks boss for the update.

Thank you @chinma for always supporting in every aspect you could for the growth of the city Umuahia. God bless you and we need more of the energy.
Best Regards 💝

Its good to know that you still have us in mind during this chaotic times in the eastern part of Nigeria. Thanks so much sir @kadosh2340 for all you do, the observations you made are quite understandable I believe people are just looking for ways to get noticed and survive here on steemit. Good work on the t-shirts, its a good way to promote steemit. Steem to the moon.

Thank you plenty @kanuprecious for always keeping up to date with the city in all aspect. We move and appreciate your efforts.

Your efforts towards the growth of steem is very impressive, hope you are safe where ever you are sir, it's very hot out there.

Thank you for responding to the post and yes I'm pretty safe with my family at my base. Pls stay safe too @isiben ❤️

We are gradually growing and gaining grounds, More hight i pray.

Growth is essential for life and thank you for contributing to that growth in the city @antimony09

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We are definitely going higher, despite anything. Nice computation.

Forward ever, backward never @davchi.

Best Regards 💝

Thanks you sir, you really a good mentor.

Pls don't forget to have active posts on steemAlive community this time around @wealthmary.

Best Regards 💝

Ok sir, I will, I have a phone now, so I won't fail to write posts.

Forward ever backward never.
Pray that God restore peace in our Nation.

Thanks for the update this weekly report really helps a lot for those of us who are kind of busy we use this report as update...thanks @kadosh2340 and @davchi for the news.

Nice one sir, you re doing well, I pray may God keep us to see the end of all this unrest here and may we emerge victorious

Lovely one from you boss

Nice post my city cordinator. I really look forward to the offline meeting. I hope it comes up very soon.

I really appreciate your effort towards our community,we are really growing.Keep it up @kadosh2340

You're the realer brother... Keep the flags up.