Steem2dWorld 2.0: This is my 4th entry notification and recruit tracker for the contest|| by @kadosh2340

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Hello Steemians, I trust you're doing great. I'm gratefully joyful in participating in the Steem2dWorld 2nd edition contest organized by @steemalive community and sponsored by @gbenga.


I contested in the 1st edition, recruited people and mentored them toba point of understanding tho i'm still mentoring them and i was rewarded with an amazing prize 🏆

I gladly affirm my participation in Steem2dWorld 2.0 contest organized by @steemalive community and sponsored by @gbenga.

Well i've recurited 7 tho I'm still recruiting more and i'm surely mentoring them. As a matter of fact i make sure my recurits that i got from the last contest of 1.0 steem2dworld got their recruits. For example @ladyofpolicy : she got 3 persons who have done their Achievement 1- 3 posts amongst other posts and shes still recruiting more persons.

Here's the list of my recruits so far and their posts

He joined on the 8th of April

• 1st post: Achievement 1 post
• 2nd post: Achievement 2 Post
• 3rd post: Achievement 3 post
• 4th post: Malaria and its prevention
• 5th post: Business Principles
• 6th post: Academic Keys

She joined on the 14th of April

• 1st post: Achievement 1 post
• 2nd post: Your Condition On Steemit
• 3rd post: Diary Report
• 4th post: Technological Gadgets
• 5th post: Achievement 2 post

She joined on the 16th of April

• 1st post: Achievement 1 post
• 2nd post: Achievement 2 post
• 3rd post: Achievement 3 post
• 4th post: Diary Game Post
• 5th post: Dear young human
• 6th post: Domestic Violence A Disease

He joined on the 17th of April

• 1st post: Achievement 1 post
• 2nd post: MenFun Contest
• 3rd post: Achievement 2 post
• 4th post: Achievement 3 post
• 5th post: Dairy Game post
• 6th post: Late night musing
• 7th post: My toxic relationship with art 1
• 8th post: My toxic relationship with art 2

He joined on the 9th of April

• 1st post: Achievement 1 post
• 2nd post: Achievement 2 post

He got registered on the 21st of April

• 1 post: Achievement 1 post
• 2 post: Achievement 2 post
• 3rd Post: Have you tried working on your mindset today

Just got registered

From the last Contest, I was told that when my recruit
@wealthmary completes her 6 posts that I will be rewarded complete with my prize . Well heres the completion to her 6 posts
• 4th post : A trip to my home town
• 5th post: Achievement 3post
• 6th post: A Diary Game Post
• 7th post: A Diary Game Post

Note : they've joined steemalive curation trail

How Do I Recruits People.

• Social Media Handles : Positively speaking, the internet has gone haywire that anyone could simply sell or buy and as well do anything he or she likes on any media platform. So I screenshot some e-flyers to post on my WhatsApp Status or my Status (this is because I've a lot of followers) tho I do not regularly post the e-flyers.

• I use my progress for illustration : I keep posting and posting about my progress nd that of my recruits on the media handles. I know people won't fall for the trap Immediately but with consistent attitude of feeding them the result (which people always love to see before they venture into any business), I know they will admit to join one day just as @joycebubble, @isiben etc joined steemit.

• On-Set : I do talk to people about Steemit tho not regularly but whenever is as seen enjoying myself and people kinda asks me Where do you see this money ? - I quickly reply Steemit thou they are sometimes lost but I follow them up with personal proofs about my journey so far on the platform. I always talk about steemit wherever I go and to anyone that cares to listen especially when I'm enjoying my life .
So these a few noted ways I recruit people into Steemit then help them at the very start before they could stand on their own.

My appreciation goes to My Professor @gbenga and My Daddy @focusnow for their support and encouragements. Te Amour 💗