Cleaning Up My Street 🧹 For A Clean Planet And A Better Earth 🌎 Paramaribo, Suriname

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🌎 Let's Make A @CleanPlanet 🧹

Today, my dad had an idea for me. He knows a community call Clean Planet. Me and my dad picked up all trash in front of our house. My sister helped me and my dad a bit. In front of our house now is nice and clean.

I hope you will help us clean the planet too. Our world is very important to us. If you all help the planet the planet will help you back. One more thing you can help the planet is put the recycling things in the recycling trashcan.

Clean, Clean, Clean Our Planet


This one is a picture of me that my dad took. I picked trash beside our house. Me and my dad picked a lot of trash.


This one I picked the trash in front of our house. There are a lot of little stuff on the ground.


My dad helped me pick up the trash too. My sister came and helped us but it's almost done.


Okay, we are done. Now, our front is nice and clean. Now, let's see how much trash did me and my dad founded.


Me and my dad found a lot of trash. We didn't find so much big trash but we found a lot of little stuff. Those are all of the trash we founded around our house.


Then I put in where we put all the trash bags. The trashcan is tall so I have to be tall too.


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