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RE: LID reporting for today Tuesday 22/6/2021 (Spotlight:: 5 Story building)

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Lid:1st report
Location :Oron road Uyo Akwaibom

Good morning friends, it's good to see you all are alive today and most are I'm good health. Mine was a very cool night, I had to wake up many times in the night because of cold but I thank God for everything . I finally woke up by 4.20 am and did some household chores and prepared the kids from school. I walked them to the junction when they were ready.


Later on I may be going to our steemit office. I don't know but just expect more updates from me soon.


Good morning ma, stay safe where ever you are

Have a wonderful day @madilyn02

Well done @madilyn02 dear for helping your siblings to get ready for school.

 4 months ago 

Good morning @madliyn,is good to hear from you.