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RE: Live and Direct Reporting. Sunday 17/1/2021. (Spotlight: Nosemask Selfie ) 100% powered up

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my 2nd lid report

Greetings dear friends, hope you are getting ready for today's activities? I am also.

Breakfast is ready already

Jollof rice and chicken with plantain

5 star apple

Like I said earlier, we are getting ready for our circuit Assembly. I am about to shower and then get ready by preparing my mind.
It will begin by 9am. The topic is make Jehovah's Heart Rejoice.

A screenshot of the front page of the programme (

The weather is cool now, harmattan is here again.

More updates soon. Stay tuned.


 3 months ago 

Good morning @ngoenyi, your sunday is starting off well with that rice and plantain for breakfast. Make Jehovah's Heart Rejoice is a great title for your today's circuit assembly.

Do enjoy your day and stay blessed.

#twopercent #nigeria

You had a really great meal.

 3 months ago 

This is really temptation with that breakfast momma. You know I love fried plantain a lot. Hope mine is still there? Hope you enjoyed the spiritual program today.
#twopercent #cameroon

 3 months ago 

Your own is waiting for you dear, please come and enjoy with us. The program went very well

How you enjoyed the circuit assembly. It's was spiritually nourishing.

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