@Steemalive City Cordinator's Report for Uyo and Every other City Where there is no Cordinator at the moment ( week: 11-17 April, 2021) Presented by @ngoenyi

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As a requirement for all @steemalive city cordinators, it is time for me to make my weekly report to review the activities in the cities I am cordinating. Ordinarily, I am supposed to coordinate for just Uyo, but steemit is not just about geographical location, a lot of steemians are scattered all around the country and for the moment, no Cordinator that is why they are all under me. Here is the review for the week under consideration.

Ingathering of more users under my cities

day by day, new users are joining us. We are growing in number. I am seriously making efforts to gather them all. I do this by making announcements in our general whatsapp group page and by sharing the link to the users I have with me to share to their friends so that they can join us. Last week, only 32 users were the ones I cordinated. But for this week, we have added. The table below will reveal our number.


We were able to have a physical meet up this past week and we have also been meeting online in the whatsapp group page that I created for that purpose.

This is the screenshot of the whatsapp group page I created, you can see the members there.

i organised a meet up with the steemians in Uyo city where i reside and i had an impressive turn up of 8 steemians. @daveosimple, @flozysamm, @ngoenyi, @eliany, @etiboy56, @evegrace, @amplegiologist and @obrisgold. it was an impromptu meet up. we had snacks and soft drink. i s pnt a total of 4 steems to entertain s then. the meeting was a success.

From left to right, @daveosimple, @flozysamm, @ngoenyi, @eliany, @etiboy56, @evegrace, @amplegiologist and @obrisgold




However, because i cordinate not only one city, i didn't want otjer steemians in otjer cities to be left out, therefore, i organised a zoom video conferencing to be held on Saturday, 17th April 2021 and guess what? it was held today and a total of 18 steemians joined the meeting. we saw ourselves life and direct. the meeting started by 3:00pm and ended by 3:30pm. since it was the first online meet up, we encouraged ourselves to be active and we said that we will be holding such meeting every Saturday and we wipl be lecturing ourselves on topics that are yet to be selected. Before the meeting, i had told everyone to get snacks and soft drink for themselves which i promised to send them 0.5 steem. well, i did send the steem because they all had their refreshments as planned. Below are the screenshots of those that were present.







below are the screenshots of the proof of the 0.5 steems that i sent to them all. a total of 7 steems were sent to 14 persons while those that were with took the refreshments i bought at home which is a total of 2 steems. on the whole, i spent 9 steems to entertain us all.
@vhenom, @ijelady, @madilyn02, @delightsome1, @chichieze, @obrisgold, @amplegeologist, @mykhall007, @yakspeace, @simonnwigwe, @olabillions, @lhorgic, @benton3, @ohia576, @ngoenyi, @holayemine, @pricelespresh, @theopportunist



I want to announce that all who are steemalive members, who are currently residing in cities that do not have city coordinator should join us whatsapp group for Uyo/other cities without cordinator so that I can update my record.

Future projects

Every household have a need and constraints and so is us. Therefore, below are some of the constraints that we have and of which we seek assistance.

  • A permanent physical meetup center where we can provide assistance and trainings for our old and new users here in Uyo city.Steemit is booming and the news about it is irresistible. Therefore, those who join us will need a training location apart from the ones we do online. I am still making enquiries on this. However, we still await the completion of Aba city training center before we kick off in ernest. Having one will attract more users and mostly investors.

I am happy to announce that @ijelady have offered her training center at Ifa Atai. that is where we will be having our training for the new ones. i had a seminar there on Thursday, 15th where is signed up 4 new users, @chichieze, @delightsome1, @sunday1, @favourbest22. the fift person is yet to complete her sign up.



  • Making Radio publicity.

  • Printing Steemit T-shirts, steemalive T-shirts and our city T-shirts. I have not been able to achieve this but plans are under way. i already told someone to make the designs we will print on T-shirts. updates will come in my subsequent reports. We want to color our bodies with steemit

I believe that with time, we will achieve our plans and think of more to execute.

Recruitment And Retention

New recruits but not all are in my city or coverage within the past 7days weeks. But those in my city of coverage are

@madilyn02, @ohia576, @goodybest, @etiboy56, @sunshinemendy, @flozysamm, @chichieze, @sunday1 @deligghtsome1, @favourbest22,

More of them are yet to sign up soon.

All of the recruits, are guided and i will keep doing that without let up even up till they find tbeir ground in steemit. Though some are not active due to one engagements or the other but I will try my best to encourage them to be active again.

List of @steemalive members in Uyo and other cities without cordinator.

S/NoUsernameCityAchievement post levelStatus
2@benton3UyoAchievement 5 task 2Active
3@holayemineOyo State - OgbomosoAchievement 4active
4@ochangCalabarAchievement 1Active
5@lhorgicIbadan,Oyo stateAchievement 4active
6@vhenomIlorin kwara stateAcheviement 4Active
7@mykhell007IlorinAchievement post level 1Active
8@simonnwigweTaraba stateCompletedActive
9@rose-oCalabarAchievement 1Active
10@Phenomenal1052AkureAchievement post 2Active
11@yuceetoriaOko, AnambraAchievement 3Active
12@ndufirstUyoAchievement 1Inactive
13@ijeladyUyoAchievement 1Active
14@mamaroseUyoAchievement 2active
15@davosimpleUyoOld userActive
16@OlabillionsOgun state abeokutaOld userActive
17@yaroharuna68aNasarawa State-Active
18@tomleeUyoOld UserActive
19@eloksjosephIlorinAchievement level 1Active
21@abariNasarawaAchievement 1active
22@humble2345GhanaAchievement 1Active
23@amjadsharifPakistanOld userActive
24@obrisgoldUyoOld userActive
25@gentle101-Achievement 3Active
27@eloksjosephIlorinAchievement 2Active
28@elianyUyoAchievement 3Active
29@citysikver45UyoAchievement 2Active
30@unoukotUyoAchievement 1Inactive
31@ajunwa12UyoAchievement 1active
33@humble2345AsabaAchievement 1active
34@yakspeaceTarabaStateAchievement 5 task 1active
35@evegraceUyoOld useractive
36@uyobongUyoold steemianactive
37@mhizerbeeUyoOld Steemianactive
38@onos-steveDelta StateAchievement 3active
39@zellypearlUyoold steemianactive
40@ojoyceomaNsukaachievement 3active
41@mafilyn02Uyoachievement 1active
41@ayomide1110Kadunaachievement 4active
42@amplegeologistUyoold steemianactive
43@delightsome1Uyoachievement 1active
46@goodybestUyoachievement 2active
48@flozysammUyoachievement 1active
49@etiboy56Uyoachievement 2active
50@onos-steveSapele Delta stateachievement 4active

Summary of Steemit users in (City name)

Total Users in all the cities I am cordinating50
New users recruited this week10

More users are yet to join us. Active users are in line to receiving supports from the community. To become an active user, the person must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You make at least 2 posts in a week, 1 of which is published in SteemAlive

  2. You make a comment in the post made by your city coordinator every saturday

  3. You drop links in General post Promotion

I am looking forward to receiving more users for better engagements. As a city cordinator, I will try my best to foster engagements among us.


I thank @steemalive for the opportunity of being city cordinator. I equally thank all the users who quickly identified with me without let up. I will continue to support you all to the best of my ability.

Special mention:


Written by Me, @ngoenyi

For: @steemalive


This is my introductorypost here

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Great work with the meetup.

 28 days ago 

Thank you sir.

wow this is very impressive @ngoenyi it interest me to know this is coming from my home country,
special love for offering your thoughts and guiding people to choose the right part on steemit, It means a lot that someone as busy and accomplished as you would take time from your schedule to invest in people. The perspective and insights you shared were very helpful, Thank you truly for your commitment to mentorship and for all of your time, effort, patience, and guidance during these new recruitment on steemit. Your mentorship has been a game-changer.

This is lovely @ngoenyi, I'm in the group and everything said is exactly what is happening. I'm exciting to be part of steemit and part of steemit uyo. Keep doing the good work @ngoenyi

Nice move dear and this is to say,we Nigerians don't carry last and God bless you dear

This is really wonderful, interesting and encouraging.
I love this new development that is keeping us updated
Kudos to you ma
Though I'm new, I'll need more guidelines to achieve heights in steem
God bless you.

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Cant wait for the next zoom meeting.

Beautiful development within the week, you are doing a great work ma'am keep it moving.

There was a lot going on this week. And I thank God for a person like you @ngoenyi who has been tasked to stir the ship of people without coordinators. You are doing a great job. Cheers!

Mama you are doing perfectly very well as the coty coordinator. Sincerely am more encourage seeing many other steemians via the zoom conference video, it was really amazing. We are gradual knowing each other in person. Thank you for your effort.

Thank you so much for this great work unity we stand forever

You're doing a very great work as our coordinator ma
Keep up the good work and steem on!!

My ever vibrant and committed coordinator,I will choose you again and again if am given the opportunity to choose even after now..keep the good work going ma.

Thanks so much for this diligence, more strength.
By next week, my achievement won't be the same.

Wow, i really commend you for this exceptional report, i missed the zoom meeting because i was working but i will definitely not miss the upcoming ones. You are really doing great na.

Wow, I actually missed this zoom meeting because I had a pressing issue at hand but I pray never to miss the next one.

Nice job ma'm, keep doing the good work, God will bless you massively.

Thanks @noenyi for your tireless efforts. This is wonderful. We truly appreciate your relentless efforts to bring Steemit to a broader Nigerian audience. May God crown your efforts with Success. Have a blessed day.

 29 days ago 

You are really doing a nice job. Having the zoom meeting is a step forward in the right directioñ. We will work together to enlighten many more about steemit.

Thank you ma'am, @ngoenyi for your hard work and support. I was there during the zoom meeting and it was awesome. I await the next one.

This is really wonderful thank you so much @ngoenyi I wish I was present live at the meeting to enjoy myself. To God be the glory it was like when I attended the meeting via zoom n I can't wait for Friday to come again. Thank you

Am really grateful ma for carrying us along(those that are without cc)today's meeting was great ...I clearly saw beautiful and handsome face of my feelow steemian...am already anticipating the next meeting on Saturday next week...thanks for all you do...big mummy...

Great work done

This is a very great work ma, thank you very much for carrying everyone alone may God strengthen you the more.

Bravo! What an exceptional plan, recommendable. Am happy to be part of this growing community

Incredible! Weldone ma'am

Greetings @ngoenyi
You are doing a great job.
Thanks for keeping us updated on what is happening in your state.
And for being a great city coordinator.

No one could have done this Job better than you.

Looking forward to see you at the top.

Much love from this ends ❣️.

This is really great and encouraging ma.. I recently joined the WhatsApp group.. and am currently sharing it to users I introduced to steemit..

This is just an exceptional and wonderful family to be.
You are really making us feel so encouraged.

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I'm a new user and a new member in this famiy
but I'm loving it already. 😍😍

 last month 

Wow @ngoenyi this report is rich and informative.I am glad the numbers are increasing as always.
You really tried for the entertainment and largess:it's a morale booster.

Continue to take Steemit higher ma!!

Glad to be a part of this family and i hope to journey this through with everyone here.

Wow,nice one from you @ngoenyi.
You are really working hard ma

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