@Steemalive City Cordinator's Report for Uyo and Every other City Where there is no Cordinator at the moment ( week: 25th April-1st May, 2021) Presented by @ngoenyi

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Greetings to you all my fellow steemians and the entire steemit ecosystem, I welcome you all once again to my weekly report. The week have been a very wonderful and interesting one for me and all the users in the cities I am cordinating. We have recorded a good number of newbies, we held our regular chats on our telegram and whatsapp group chats, we successfully held out zoom meeting and most importantly, I was able to secure a physical contact point for those around the city where I reside and for those who will want to see join us to be trained. Please, do seat back and enjoy the rest of the report.


Below are the users that joined us within the period under review. Some are new users and some are old users. Altogether, 15 users joined me this week. See table below. I am happy that we are increasing day by day.

2@benson6old user
3@amycablepeacerelatively old
7@supo1old user
14@peachyladivaold user


Recall that I told us in my previous report that I created Telegram group in addition to the whatsapp group we had. So, we have been been chatting on these groups. We have been interacting with the two groups. We could have stocked to one group which would have been telegram group but because some users do not have telegram and have not at the moment joined the telegram group, we have left the 2 open for use. See some more f the chats we had on these groups

Below are screenshots from whatsapp group page




Below are screenshots from telegram group






We were able to hold our zoom meeting today, being Saturday, 1st may, 2021. It was an interactive section. After I spoke about the need for us to be active by always have current posts on our page in steemalive community and others so that whenever curators visit our page, they will see a post to support if they want to do so. We need to keep doing our part. I also spoke about supporting communities and participating in their contests. We can even delegate our steem powers as a way of supporting them. Questions and contributions were made my some of us. At the end of the meeting, which lasted for just 35minutes, I told all present to drop their username in our telegram group so that I can send them their refreshment steem, which they did and I was able to send the steem to all of them. Below are the screenshots of the transfer





Altogether, a total of 25 person's were present aside I myself. So I sent a total of 12.5 steem to them which is 0.5 for each person's to care for the refreshments they took during the meeting.

Below are the screenshots of the zoom video conferencing we had









Those in Attendance

Some couldn't join perhaps due to one reason or the other but I still want to encourage that we try our best to be present at the meeting. It fosters friendships.


I am grateful that I have been able to fulfill one of my plans which was to get a training center. It can as a surprise but I am happy to have paid for the space. I paid 600 steems for it. So that aside, below are what I still look forward to achieving

  • To get the training center ready for use and that entails tilling the floor, which from my enquiry will cost 172.5 steem, fixing an Alluminium door which will cost 82.5 steem then wall paper will cost 75 steem and other things I need to fix. I pray for support to be able to carry them all out in the coming week.

  • I have not been able to go for any air publicity because I didn't know where to direct them to. But since I have gotten a place, I will make enquiries about what it takes.

  • Printing Steemit T-shirts, steemalive T-shirts and our city T-shirts. I have not been able to achieve this but plans are under way. i already told someone to make the designs we will print on T-shirts. updates will come in my subsequent reports. We want to color our bodies with steemit

  • I will also arrange for fliers and banners.

List of @steemalive members in Uyo and other cities without cordinator.

S/NoUsernameCityAchievement post levelStatus
2@benton3UyoAchievement 5 task 2Active
3@holayemineOyo State - OgbomosoAchievement 5 task 1active
4@ochangCalabarAchievement 1Active
5@lhorgicIbadan,Oyo stateAchievement 4active
6@vhenomIlorin kwara stateAcheviement 4Active
7@mykhell007IlorinAchievement post level 1Active
8@simonnwigweTaraba stateCompletedActive
9@rose-oCalabarAchievement 2Active
10@Phenomenal1052AkureAchievement post 2Active
11@yuceetoriaOko, AnambraAchievement 3Active
12@ndufirstUyoAchievement 1Inactive
13@ijeladyUyoAchievement 1Active
14@mamaroseUyoAchievement 2inactive
15@davosimpleUyoOld userActive
16@OlabillionsOgun state abeokutaOld userActive
17@yaroharuna68aNasarawa State-Active
18@tomleeUyoOld UserActive
19@eloksjosephIlorinAchievement level 1Active
20@kinkyamieeAnambraachievement 5yask 3Active
21@abariNasarawaAchievement 1inactive
22@obrisgoldUyoOld userActive
23@gentle101-Achievement 3inactive
25@eloksjosephIlorinAchievement 2Active
26@elianyUyoAchievement 3Active
27@citysikver45UyoAchievement 2inactive
28@unoukotUyoAchievement 1Inactive
29@ajunwa12UyoAchievement 1active
33@humble2345AsabaAchievement 1active
31@yakspeaceTarabaStateAchievement 5 task 1active
32@evegraceUyoOld useractive
33@uyobongUyoold steemianactive
34@mhizerbeeUyoOld Steemianactive
35@onos-steveDelta StateAchievement 4active
36@zellypearlUyoold steemianactive
37@ojoyceomaNsukaachievement 3active
38@madilyn02Uyoachievement 1active
39@ayomide1110Kadunaachievement 4active
40@amplegeologistUyoold steemianactive
41@delightsome1Uyoachievement 1active
44@goodybestUyoachievement 2active
45@sunshinemendyUyoachievement 1active
46@flozysammUyoachievement 1active
47@etiboy56Uyoachievement 2active
48@kemfonUyoAchievement 1active
49@utibeoeffiongartUyoOld steemianactive
50@justiceanietieCalabar zone cross river stateAchievement 1active
51@fredquantumOsun statePro Newcomer Verifiedactive
52@ezeemmanuelorlu imo stateAchievement2active
53@emyekanemUyoAchievement 2active
55@utyalbanUyoachievement 3Active
56@PaulyounguyoAchievement 3active
56@enyiazuhopeMbawsiAchievement 1Active
57@rich9090UyoAchievement 1active
58@proxybUyoachievement 2active
59@distinct001Bayelsaachievement 4active
60@ddwoskyUyoachievement 1active
61@akcaresUyoAchievement 2active
62@benson6UyoAchievement 1active
63@amycablepeaceUyoAchievement 3active
64@nwangaUyoAchievement 1active
65@ejwilliamsUyoAchievement 1active
66@marvicomUyosoon to post Achievement 1Newbie
67@supo1Oyo stateold useractive
68@ify.lydiaNsukaAchievement 1active
69@uche4godNsukaAchievement 1active
70@shulidinoUyoAchievement 1active
71@dianbrownNigeriaAchievement 2active
72@basky14-Achievement 1active
73@peachyladivaNasarawa Stateold useractive
74@johnpatrick12-Achievement 1active

Summary of Steemit users in (City name)

Total Users in all the cities I am cordinating74
New users recruited this week11
Users that joined us4
Users transferred to other cordinators1

More users are yet to join us. Active users are in line to receiving supports from the community. To become an active user, the person must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You make at least 2 posts in a week, 1 of which is published in SteemAlive

  2. You make a comment in the post made by your city coordinator every saturday

  3. You drop links in General post Promotion

I am looking forward to receiving more users for better engagements. As a city cordinator, I will try my best to foster engagements among us.


I am grateful to the Almighty for the strength and I am also thankful to all for your supports. I will return by next Saturday for another updates. Please stay tuned.

Special mention:


Written by Me, @ngoenyi

For: @steemalive


This is my introductorypost here

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Always doing well. Really appreciate your efforts to organize and coordinate.

Report detailed as always, I had flat battery as at the time of the zoom meeting. You are doing a good job I must say

Ma this is a great privilege for those who that are not close, weldon work

 3 months ago 

The meeting was amazing, I like the way you coordinate. Great job MA.

Nice detailed report.
I was not able to attend zoom meeting maybe
I will attend next time

Weldone ma...

I missed today's meeting cause my battery was down

A well detailed Report
Although today was my first time to attend the meeting. I really enjoyed the meeting. It was very lucrative

Well detailed report.
Weldon good work ma, I see we are increasing daily.
May heaven help us all to grow 🙏.
And the vision I pray for speedy achievement🙏
Thanks to everyone for contribution and support 🤗
From @pricelesspresh.

Best regards

Wow, ma you are always working hard..

Thanks for the report... Success more

I want to say a big thanks for your hard work by keeping the steemalive group in unionism. Because of this great dream you have for steemians, the sky can not limit us. Thanks for your time i appreciate.

Great job @ngoenyi. Thanks for your unfailing commitment to move things forward for us. Have a blessed day.

Very good job ma

Always dropping a detailed report,well doe ma.I really enjoyed the meeting

What a detailed report, you didnt leave anything out of it, you keep doing your best and may the Lord be your strength. The Zoom meeting was quite educative even though i was a little bit late. And the community is really growing with so many new members. I will always support you, keep doing your beautiful work.

Thank you ma, u are doing a great job.
Hope to join our next zoom meeting
Keep up the good work.

Thanks for been there for all of us may God strengthen you beyond.
Detailed report and prize received.
Thanks @ngoenyi
Thanks @steemalive

This is a good report @ngoenyi. From the details given, we can see a lot of improvements from last week, and this means you are hitting your goals. From newbies to a new center it shows how far you have come as a city coordinator within a short period of time. Keep up the good work, cheers!

What a well detailed report, this is work well done, keep it up with the good work ma'am, my name will surely appear on active members next by report

 3 months ago 

This meet up has proven to be very interesting for the past 3 it started. It jas been a very good avenue of learning some new things and find answere to some teething problems. Pls keep it up @ngoenyi.

Very nice report on the happenings lately, am so sad I wasn't able to be part of the zoom meeting, next time I will have set an alternative network incase of any disappointment, stay safe ma🙏 cheers 🍻

I really missed alot, due to network issues.

Nice report, i'm so happy for the office i will be referring people there for proper understanding of steemit. I really enjoyed the meet up, it really encourage me to be an active member. Thank you so much @ngoenyi for the detailed report you will always have our back up.

Although the network was poor, but I enjoyed the zoom meeting cause I was able to know what LID is all about

Well detailed report, more grace to your elbow ma. I seriously learned Alot during the zoom meeting.

Nice job ma'am
Thank you for always carrying everybody along
Your support for us won't be in vain.

This is really a very comprehensive and well explained report from you ma. I must confess you are just the best. Concerning your plans for this noble group and the uyo axis at large, i pray they all come to fulfillment. Thanks for the update.

Mama be always making us proud..this is yet another comprehensive and we'll detailed report... May I also add that to the zoom meeting was educative and insightful. Weldone ma @ngoenyi.

Well detailed report.
We really enjoyed the meet. I learned new things. Thank you for your good

It is so awesome to see our numbers increasing on weekly basis and we are all doing well in the community, thanks so much our coordinator @ngoenyi, you are really doing a great job.

Though my achievement level has changed but I look forward to seeing it in the next report.
Thanks so much

Wow we are seriously growing in number everyday. Thats great i am glad i was able to join the zoom meeting this time

You are really doing well coordinating us. Our number keep increasing every week, that means you are really working. Keep up the good work ma, more blessings..

more grace on you ma, this is not an easy post you are handling. God is on your side.

I am really hoping to learn how to compose as perfectly as you do. I would love to be your assistant so I can help you correct the few typos. I will charge you very cheap. Lol.
May a your tremendous plan come to fruition.
Anyway, wonderful report. Glad to have you as my coordinator. Cheers!

Wow everything is greatly detailed
The Report is well understandable ma n a massive appreciation to this amazing hand work of urs @ngoenyi.
May God continue to give u the wisdom n strength to further this great abilities 🙏

I commend you ma'am @ngoenyi for your hardwork. Too bad I wasn't able to join the meeting. Hope to join next week. Thank you !

Nice one, I don't know why I always forget about this meet up only to remember when it is few minutes passes the end period. Although this Saturday i was not around, I was engaged in some activities could not meet up
but I hope to be present this week.

And i missed the meeting again
Am happy our numbers are Increasing by the day
We are happy having you as our coordinator ma
You are so devoted to your duties

I don't know if I am the only one but I feel it would have been so lovely if there was a way for physical meetings but its sad we are not in the same location. Video meetings are good too but its not really in my favor and i jeep missing our. Anyway nice work here and report.

Just came online to see this, @ngoenyi all kudos goes to you for the effort you are inputting to see this community grow. I appreciate you sincerely.

Wow, ma'am I love how you have taken time line out details concerning the meeting..,keep up the good work,God bless you

I appreciate your sincerely ma, you are really helping the community [steemalive] to grow,
God bless you....

Nice job you are doing right there, i am new here.
Please visit and vote my introduction post

Outstanding report
Much respect for all the efforts that you’ve put in order to recruit more members

Outstanding report
Much respect for all the efforts that you’ve put in order to recruit more members

Congratulations on your getting a space for your center. Keep winning

Am please to have u as my co ordinator .thanks for accepting me to this community @ngoenyi

Nice report!!!..
Happy to be part of your project..