@Steemalive City Cordinator's Report for Uyo and Every other City Where there is no Cordinator at the moment (week: 2nd -8th May, 2021) Presented by @ngoenyi

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Greetings to you all dear friends, trust you are all doing great? It is a happy thing to be alive and I want to present my report for this past week under consideration. The week have been a busy one but fruitful. The laid down plans are working out as planned. I thank the Almighty for the wisdom and strength. Please here is my report.


Below are the users that joined us within the period under review. Some are new users and some are old users. Altogether, 15 users joined me this week. See table below. I am happy that we are increasing day by day.

11@joelmaxwellold steemian


I sincerely thank all the users in my group for making our time from time to time to chat in our telegram group and whatsapp group. The engagement is awesome. We also have another group where we drop our post links to enable us engage with one another through comments. It has been successful. We make as a rule that before you drop your own link, you have to comment on other people's post link. Below are few of our chats both in telegram, whatsapp and the post group pages. I want to use this opportunity to thank @theopportunist, @daveosimple, @pricelesspresh and @ochang for regularly responding to questions asked by users in the group in the chat group. Even some of them have volunteered to help me drop lid post for each day. This is a show of love to me and I sincerely appreciate them all for that.

Below are screenshots from whatsapp group page






Screenshot from telegram group




The screenshot from our post promotion group (PPG) in whatsapp





Our weekly meet up via zoom video conferencing was a success. It nearly could not hold because I had travelled for a burial since Thursday to come back today being Saturday thinking that I would meet up. But unfortunately the vehicle I boarded delayed. Even though I had shared the Meeting ID but as at 3pm when the meeting was scheduled to hold, I was out of network coverage area. But thank goodness that I pleaded with the group to shift it till 4pm and they are so loving, they accepted. By that 4pm, I made it to my house and then started the meeting.

We discussed what delegation is and the practical way of making delegation. The need to learn it can never be over emphasized. Now and then we Recruit new users who May at one time or the other need delegation from us to continue posting. Some communities request for delegations and it is good to support them in that way if we can. I made a demonstration on how to delegate in steemworld.org by sharing my screen. They all saw how to do it and understood it. Below are the screenshot of the zoom meeting we had today, Saturday, May 8th, 2021











In all, a total of 28 person's were in attendance and i was able to take care of their refreshment by sending them 0.5 steem each which is a total of 14 steem. See the screenshots of my transfer to them all.






I sent twice to @kenfon in error and I believe he will send back the difference.






The training center is almost ready. It has been tilled and a glass door has been installed

The tilling

The door

What is next to be done on the Training center?

  • Next is the installation of wall paper which I have bought already at 50 steem
  • Getting chairs and table
  • Standing fan
  • Fixing bulbs for light.

Outstanding plans

Printing of steemit T-shirts, Radio advert, and printing banner and fliers. I believe that these ones will be accomplished soon.

List of @steemalive members in Uyo and other cities without cordinator.

S/NoUsernameCityAchievement post levelStatus
2@benton3UyoAchievement 5 task 2Active
3@holayemineOyo State - OgbomosoAchievement 5 task 1active
4@ochangCalabarAchievement 1Active
5@lhorgicIbadan,Oyo stateAchievement 4active
6@vhenomIlorin kwara stateAcheviement 4Active
7@mykhell007IlorinAchievement post level 1Active
8@simonnwigweTaraba stateCompletedActive
9@rose-oCalabarAchievement 3Active
10@Phenomenal1052AkureAchievement post 2Active
11@yuceetoriaOko, AnambraAchievement 3Active
12@ndufirstUyoAchievement 1Inactive
13@ijeladyUyoAchievement 1Active
14@mamaroseUyoAchievement 2inactive
15@davosimpleUyoOld userActive
16@OlabillionsOgun state abeokutaOld userActive
17@yaroharuna68aNasarawa State-Active
18@tomleeUyoOld UserActive
19@eloksjosephIlorinAchievement level 1Active
20@kinkyamieeAnambraachievement 5yask 3Active
21@abariNasarawaAchievement 1inactive
22@obrisgoldUyoOld userActive
23@gentle101-Achievement 3inactive
25@eloksjosephIlorinAchievement 2Active
26@elianyUyoAchievement 3Active
27@citysikver45UyoAchievement 2inactive
28@inoukotUyoAchievement 1Inactive
29@ajunwa12UyoAchievement 1active
33@humble2345AsabaAchievement 1active
31@yakspeaceTarabaStateAchievement 5 task 1active
32@evegraceUyoOld useractive
33@uyobongUyoold steemianactive
34@mhizerbeeUyoOld Steemianactive
35@onos-steveDelta StateAchievement 4active
36@zellypearlUyoold steemianactive
37@ojoyceomaNsukaachievement 3active
38@madilyn02Uyoachievement 3active
39@ayomide1110Kadunaachievement 4active
40@amplegeologistUyoold steemianactive
41@delightsome1Uyoachievement 1active
44@goodybestUyoachievement 3active
45@sunshinemendyUyoachievement 1active
46@flozysammUyoachievement 1active
47@etiboy56Uyoachievement 2active
48@kemfonUyoAchievement 1active
49@utibeoeffiongartUyoOld steemianactive
50@justiceanietieCalabar zone cross river stateAchievement 1active
51@fredquantumOsun statePro Newcomer Verifiedactive
52@ezeemmanuelorlu imo stateAchievement2active
53@emyekanemUyoAchievement 2active
55@utyalbanUyoachievement 3Active
56@PaulyounguyoAchievement 3active
56@enyiazuhopeMbawsiAchievement 1Active
57@rich9090UyoAchievement 1active
58@proxybUyoachievement 2active
59@distinct001Bayelsaachievement 4active
60@ddwoskyUyoachievement 1active
61@akcaresUyoAchievement 2active
62@benson6UyoAchievement 2active
63@amycablepeaceUyoAchievement 3active
64@nwangaUyoAchievement 1active
65@ejwilliamsUyoAchievement 1active
66@marvicomUyoAchievement 1active
67@supo1Oyo stateold useractive
68@ify.lydiaNsukaAchievement 1active
69@uche4godNsukaAchievement 1active
70@shulidinoUyoAchievement 2active
71@dianbrownNigeriaAchievement 2active
72@basky14-Achievement 4active
73@peachyladivaNasarawa Stateold useractive
74@johnpatrick12-Achievement 1active
78@chichiezeUyoAchievement 2active
79@essienuUyoAchievement 1active
80@olawale111IllorinAchievement 2active
81@eberechiemembawsiAchievemen 1active
82@michaelchijiokeAsabaAchievement 2active
83@emyekanemUyoAchievement 3active
84@miraclediamondIllorinAchievement 2active
85@pogbakaMbawsiAchievement 1active
86@danielbenAsabaAchievement 1active
89@coolchrisAsabaAchievement 1active
90@joelmaxwellUyoAchievement 1active

Summary of Steemit users in (City name)

Total Users in all the cities I am cordinating90
New users recruited this week7
Users that joined us4
Users transferred to other cordinatorsNil

More users are yet to join us. Active users are in line to receiving supports from the community. To become an active user, the person must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You make at least 2 posts in a week, 1 of which is published in SteemAlive

  2. You make a comment in the post made by your city coordinator every saturday

  3. You drop links in General post Promotion

I am looking forward to receiving more users for better engagements. As a city cordinator, I will try my best to foster engagements among us.


I am grateful to all the users under me for their cooperative spirits. They are just like family to me and they are wonderful people. I know that soon, as soon as new cordinators are appointed in other cities, most of them will join their cordinators but for now, I am happy to be with them. I am also grateful to @steemalive and @focusnow, for their support. Till I come your way again next week, stay safe and sound.

Special mention:


Written by Me, @ngoenyi

For: @steemalive


This is my introductorypost here

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The training hall is coming great, you are doing great ma. Your report is quite detailed and you are really doing a good job keeping us together.

 3 months ago 

Thank you Ma for treating us like family. You inspire me daily.

You really made my day

We can not say anything less than to continue appreciating you for your continuous effort and encouragement. You have really been a mother and a mentor to us all. May God bless you ma.

Yeah I enjoyed every bit if the although network was bad
Thanks ma for answering all our questions you are the best

Thanks for the weekly update, I'm glad I could join and also thanks for the reward. God bless you

This is very detailed @ngoengi. We are improving every week as a group and that shows progress no matter how small. I would like to use this opportunity to tell the new recruits to always be patient as that would be visited on time.

 3 months ago 

Your commitment to the development of the Steemit community is quite awesome. I love your energy and thanks for this update as it keeps us abreast happenings in the cities you are coordinating. Keep up the good work ma'am.

 3 months ago 

Nice turn up,here in steemit,we are loving it

 3 months ago 

Thanks so much for the meetup. Despite coming in from the long journey and being weak tired, you still managed to hold it. That is very inspiring.

Thanks for the update..
You really did a great job...

This.report is exactly what is happening in the group
We love you @ngoenyinfor all your help and support to help us understand Steemit and benefit from the system.

Job weldone ma, you are really doing a good job

Always dropping a detailed weekly report ,a job well done ma.Thank you for your continuous and unending support.

Nice report ma and kudos on the construction of the training centre

I see massive progress concerning the newly acquired training center and that is wonderful, determination is also a key in your capacity, I will keep following your footsteps, I will donate 5 steem in addition to the expenses needed for the training center @ngoenyi , concerning the zoom meeting all explained questions were answered in details can't wait for the next meeting..
Thanks you @ngoenyi and thanks to @steemalive community...
And a big big thanks to our boss @focusnow
May God strengthen you all


Law or art profession who have so fitted you well, you really know how to campture details. Well done cordinator.

Ma keep the union moving. Thanks for your hard work

True leaders are rare... You're really a leader. Thanks for the proper coordination. I personally appreciate all you do ma @ngoenyi

The progress and improvements in this community is noteworthy, thanks so much to our coordinator @ngoenyi for painstakingly seeing to the welfare and wellbeing of each member under her, ur Labour of love is not hidden, God bless you real good.

You are really a genius ma'am
Thank you so much for all you have
done and yet to do

This is beautiful ma. More grace

Thanks for the training ma'am, it was so educative!

Thank you so much for the meetup, i now know how make delegation, thank you for the refreshment i really appreciate.

Thank you for your good works

Welcome to the new recruits and I hope they open up themselves to enjoy every good thing that comes out of this place. Although the journey may be or may not be smooth but they should not relent effort.

Ma @ngoenyi, i have not see my name among the attendance of yesterday meeting

Thank you very much for the update.
You did a great job

Well detailed report ma, thanks for your good works and for record keeping.

For the record, anywhere a committed and both hardworking and smartworking person is being mentioned, you are always gonna take lead. Always glad to have you as my cordinator

Thanks for your leadership and commitment. You are really doing a great job and thanks for still maintaining your zeal towards the training center.

Yes I do have a wonderful weekend, hope you to did?
Thanks for the update, oops I missed this week's meeting again
Well was very busy my weekend was not a free one at all
Glad to see us increasing day by day. And also our training center
Is almost ready I feel like dancing 🤣.
God bless you ma🙏 stay safe

Thanks for your unfailing support. Have a blessed day.

Nice job ma, keep it up