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RE: LID reporting for Saturday 10/7/2021 (Spotlight:: Inserticide)

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First LID report
Location:Abia State

Good morning my fellow reporters,,, how are you doing? I hope we are all good?

My night was super cool, I slept last night around 9:30pm because I was seeing a movie. But my night was awesome, I slept like a baby.

This morning is cool, am up and thankful. I will be doing some chores this morning after which I will do a little cleaning in the house, prepare breakfast then take my bath and off I go to the office.

We will be having seminar today. I will also need to get something from the market, though that will be after office hours.

I will keep you posted on more updates.....

Best regards 💜💜💜

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Do have a nice day

 3 months ago 

Good morning @ninapenda,buy Apple for in the market, have a blessed day

 3 months ago 

Good morning @ ninapenda how are you doing today, God bless you