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Good day everyone, I am happy to participate in today's ABA road show which is geared towards promoting steemit in Aba Nigeria and the whole of Africa.

I know most of us are surprise seeing me in ABA today as my recent post showed i was in Benue state. Yes! I have exhausted my 10 days leave hence i have returned back to Aba to continue my office work with Innovation Growth Hub a technology based firm in aba that is focused on providing tech solutions to businesses and carry out tech trainings for interested clients.


I came into Aba and i Joined the road show for today Friday being 24th September 2021. We where asked to converge at the office as promoters by 9am before we will move to the main sit where the publicity will happen. So i arrived the main office at number 208 Azikiwe Road Aba by 8:45am and waited for my fellow promoters to arrive after which we proceeded to the maim sit.


We arrive the main site which was just beside crunches Aba. What3words . The weather was really conducive, we took some pictures and started conversing with individuals about Steemit.


For our dress code we all wore the @steemalive T. Shirts and Face cap that carries a brief detail of what we do as printed by our leader @focus now. Indeed we looked very uniform and corporate. It was a beautiful site to behold.

I observed some passer by Who noticed our unique dress codes called us to ask us who we were and what we were doing in the heart of the town dressing alike. We actually siezed those opportunity to start promoting steemit to such individuals. Some registered immediately while others exchanged contacts with us promsing to get back to us.


We were given publicity materials for steemit which included Majorly :

  • A standing banner (mobile) Printed by @focusnow which was a support from @stephenkendal
    Here is the banner behind us in this photo
  • Hand bills sponsored by steemalive by the right.

We mounted the banners in front of the road which both automobiles and bikes saw as the drive pass. Some came to meet us and we explained to them the details written on the banner which was totally about Steemit and how to signup on the steemit platform.

We gave out hand bills to those we spoke to and registered at the venue. For those who said they will register later we also gave them the hand bills which contained that contact of one of our moderators @ninapenda so that they can always call to be guided to register.

Me speaking to a prospect.


Like I said earlier the atmosphere was conducive when we started our road show but it later changed into a rainy weather condition. We all thought it was a problem as the rain came heavy pushing everyone to a particular spot where we all stood waiting for the rain to stop.

While we stood we continued doing the promotion as the rain gave us a better platform audience who were For about 1hour 30 minutes. So the rain we thought was a problem was rather a solution and a catalyst for a successful road show today.

I personally collected some contact and I told them I will be encouraging and guiding them on whatapp which they agreed.

Though our road show was great but some prospect wanted to make it harder for us as they prove difficult to win into Steemit. Some prospect didn't even want us to talk to them talkless of greeting them but I believe humans are not the same and there is always another day. But we had more people accepting steemit than rejecting us, those who rejected basically don't know about online platform and maybe not ready to give it a try.


When we were exhausted our leader took us into Crunches a fast food joint in Aba where we ate some really good snacks sponsored by @focusnow and i must say we are really grateful for the food.

Thanks for reading I will give you more updates after the promoters meeting at the office tomorrow in Aba.

 2 months ago 

Sir i really love how you were busy introducing steemit to some persons and you were very serious with it as if it was your father platform and it has show how hard working you are to promote steem and am hoping to see you next time.Keep on promoting steem.

 2 months ago 

@jokkystar thank you my dear friend. We had an awesome experience all together Sir.

I personally collected some contact and I told them I will be encouraging and guiding them on whatapp which they agreed.

This is so good of you. Please follow up with them and continue to guide them through.

 2 months ago 

@uzoma24 thank you sir. I will keep doing my very best to mentor them.

 2 months ago 

@uzoma24 thank you sir. I will keep doing my very best to mentor them.

 2 months ago 

@stephenkendal thank you for resteeming this post sir. Well acknowledged sir.

Truly the rain was a blessing in disguise for Aba team, thanks for always supporting the show. Let's steem on!

 2 months ago 

Thanks dear @goodybest nice to meet you MA. We steem on.

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