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...what was once a first "introduction" post.

(Sep 2 2016)

«Steem, Hopes, Faith & Moola in the 'Digital Society' of Century XXI»

¡Yeah! I bet we all may well be here cause undoubtedly seems like everyone these days is just short of... Do$h.

M.V.P. ¡The Lean Startup! ¡Product Liability! Proof of Concept - Marketing Strategies - Trade Test Methods - Return of Investment - Entrepreneurship - Startups World.

"A business idea will always be a business idea. Even more booming if these are previously tested, experienced & supported across the streets (or through The Information Superhighway) as long they try to stir & shake The Faith"

Well folks, or ¿should I say 'dear steemians'? This is my first post here in a crappy attempt to introduce myself to this (one more time) promising community. You rightly might say I've actually already had a handful of previous experiences across all these so called newer Social Networks Which Pay & Share Revenues With Their Userbase. Yes! supposedly because their 'original' content and formidable storyteller skillz.

Among a few and to name just one, the most recent; TSU... ¿Rings a bell?

Well yeah, ok, I was a former Tsuvian for around two years. Not much prolific if I must say the truth. Mainly because I was not in communion with the utmost posting trend there to get rewards. Yep, you guessed it. A pointless torrent of void pictures and photos of Flowers, Bugs, Clouds, Landscapes, Sunrises, Sunsets, Suncraps, etc, etc, etc, flying everywhere all the time. Everything in the name and on behalf of "originality". #Originalcontent, like they used to say. ¿Do you catch the swing?

So, since I am more in tune with wordy stuff. Yup you tell me, that kind of crap that actually get your neurons rolling and squeaking. In sight that I'm more of a babbler beast...

Well, to make the story short, my two hands fingers are enough to count the dohlahs I was able to accumulate in my tsu bank after almost 730 days perpetrating thoughtful and mischievous posts in a futile and fruitless attempt to excite and disturb some neurons out there to hopefully produce and harvest a ton of newer synapses around me in some way. ¡Go figure! and then suddenly laid off skint & pennyless without previous notice outta that wishful dream.

Therefore, and solely to insist in observe magnifying glass in hand, where all these brand new Digital Society Experiments and Sharing Economy Buzzing could eventually lead us through the net in the future. I had to soar & hover a bit more around the boundaries of these Booming Social Networks, Ca$h Lands Of Grace and Online Dime$ Paradises/Communities which rewards your valuable nonsense, SOMETIMES.

Alright! At this height and length of my babbling, you surely must have noticed that english is not my native tongue. So excuse me my weird sentences construction to express my alien ideas and the bunch of typos I probably would incur way too often from now on. I can only say I will appreciate your comments if you care to pinpoint where in my texts I went too wacko.

As a note aside and just to poke a bit your curiosity. I'm not gonna say what country I come from. However, to give you a few hints, let's say I am currently in a place where most of its inhabitants are closer and closer to borrow money from bums sleeping on a bench using their own shoe as a pillow. A rich country where almost all its inhabitants are next to find hard rub two coins together after the eagerly awaited day of tomorrow morning.

Hence, I had no other choice but stop my online flutter & hovering game right away. Grab my shabby parachute. And throw my spoiled bones thru the air to land flat on Steemit to further try and test some luck with no more waiting.

Who knows, perhaps and even against all the odds Moby Dick is snooping my steps out here and will want to grease me up with some valuable ambergris, spermaceti or simply sperm oil to light up and keep my humble candle going on for a while.

Alright! Last but not least, a few final thoughts to round up this article a bit more and cut out some fog away of myself.

"Loose Nuts & Bolts worth to drop on this first post"

Most of us wake in the morning attempting to curve the baseball of life into our sweet spot. From there we all fantasize about hearing that smack of the ball in the one place that will take it higher and further than the ever before. We dream of hearing the stadium announcer scream: “And that ball is outta here!”

Then the rush of achievement smothers us in pure orgasmic joy as we race around the bases to home plate and advancing the three stranded runner to a score as well. (¿Upvotes anybody?)

Then, almost as simultaneously as our adventure and subsequent conquering began, it ends. The thrill is gone. We bow our heads and place our palms on our knees in a dry attempt to catch our breath once again. We strain to understand why the emotion of the circulation of adrenaline has ceased to inhabit our literal being.

It is at that moment, you realize that you left the stove on at home.

  • ¡Going with the flow will get you nowhere if the water is in a still pond!
  • ¡Running with the pack often leads to conflicts you are not prepared for!
  • ¡In order for a dream to come true, you must have had a dream to begin with!

After all we are entirely trapped in a trend's MVP world where the environment and all our surroundings, at the end of the day, places everyone day in day out in front of bear & endure also those other everlasting Minimum Viable Products in our life:

The Sheepthecantropus Erectus, The Comm-Magnom Man and the dreadful Homo Satrapiens. Each one of them as the results of Some Sort Of Human Evolution.... The "HOMO HABILIS" of the century XXI.

So, finally. Never forget that timeless shiny rule of thumb:

¡Experience is something you don't get until after you need it!

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


"Follows, Comments, Resteems & Upvotes will be highly appreciated"

Cranky Gandalf



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