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RE: LID reporting for today Saturday 17/4/2021 (Powered up 100%) Spotlight:: Smoked beef (Suya) seller

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2nd report
Location:koka ibusa road Asaba



Greetings my fellow reporters
I had been sleeping since Morning that I finished my weekend cleanup.

I just left the house to the provision shop in my street to buy snacks.

The street is so dry everyone is resting in the 🏠 from the week stress..
The sun 🌞 is hot.
I'm going back from to continue my rest.

I will be going to junction, later to get image for today's Sportlight.

Stay tuned.


Nice reading your second lid report for today once again, I really like snacks alot I like taking it as my launch. E.g bread and mineral.
Mind how you sleep and eat fatty food before you will get fat.

Everyone is paying for me to get fat.
If only u have seen me once 😔