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RE: LID reporting for today Tuesday 22/6/2021 (Spotlight:: 5 Story building)

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First lid
Location:Akwa ibom


Good morning great steemians,hope you all had a great night rest considering the fact it was raining through out the night.
I woke up today 5:00am prayed and went back to sleep by 6:00am hoping to sleep at least 2 more hours but then my
grandmother turn on the radio and increased the volume thereby stopping me from sleeping, I am done with my morning chores. Last night i slept off while writing my assignment so am about to complete it.I will being going for class by 1pm.


After the class I will be going for tutorial for my test tomorrow and then try to find the spotlight for today. I wish you all have a fantastic day.

 4 months ago 

Good morning my baby gril

Weldon with your studies. Good morning from Mbak Road

Hey good morning do well to prepare for ur test tomorrow