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RE: LID reporting for today Sunday 9/5/2021 (Spotlight:: Wedding Event)

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1st lid post
Date....09 MAY 2021
Time... .9:56am
Location.... Aba,Abia State

Happy Sunday my fellow steemers.
Hope you all had a great sleep last night.
I thank God for this day he has brought to us
Is not by our power that are alive today but by his mercy's towards us.

I was was up from bed this morning around 7:55am and i had some bible discussions with my uncle, from there i entered the bathroom and brush my teeth after that I went to fetch water.
My aunt has not made breakfast yet.
Morning Selfie


My plans for today.
I will be going to the church this morning to worship my god.For the life he gave to me.
Sunday a great day.
Then later in the day i will go in search of the spotlight for today.

Stay tuned, I will update you guys soon.


Good morning and happy sunday bro
I wish you a blessed day

 5 months ago 

Me, if you see a wedding reception, i go enter, sidon chop rice.
There is hunger in the land😗

Yes bro not by our power,but by his grace. have a nice day bro and more updates✌️✌️