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RE: LID reporting for today Tuesday 22/6/2021 (Spotlight:: 5 Story building)

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First lid
Location: uyo
Time: 8 20 am
Good morning my fellow steemits, hope your night was good, as for me my night was fine, I thank God for making me and you to be among the living this morning, I woke up at about 6.30am, say morning prayers, take my bath, arrange the house and warm food, after that I prepared and leave for work, right now am in the shop
IMG_20210621_075858_2.jpg, reaching the shop I made good sales, stay tuned will be back, enjoy your day

 4 months ago 

Morning sister, happy sales to you.

Thanks dear, remember to stay safe

Do have a wonderful day @ritatitus

And you too dear

 4 months ago 

You will not seat down today because of your customers.

Amen, thanks so much dear

 4 months ago 

My pleasure dear

 4 months ago 

In did your night was tremendious, can u give me vitamin c.?

Thanks dear, please come around your vitamin c is here for you

@ritatitus thank God you made sales today because everyday are not the same.