The diary game: how i spent my day 10 may 2021.

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Good day my fellow steemers, trust your day went well? Mine was bored and dry.

First of all, i want to thank @steemalive and @focusnow for giving the opportunity to share my diary in this wonderful community. I really appreciate.
I woke up around 6am, said my prayers and brushed my teeth. Then i rushed to the gas station Fill my gas. When I came back home, I'm already late, so no need to cook this morning.
I took my bath and left for work.
Morning picture


I reached office around 9am. And i was very late. I will have to rush things, because there was a lot of work to do.
Around 3pm, i went out to buy what to eat, i bought bread and mineral.
After eating, i started working again.

Today was just little bored, because there was not much gist today, and today was very dry.
Around 6pm, i started heading home.
on my way home


I reached home cooked yam. But i don't have appetite to eat this night, so I'm sleeping with empty stomach.

This is how my day was spent

Thanks for reading.
Written by @ruggedangel
Special regards



You had a nice day, but sleeping with empty stomach is not good, before you wake tomorrow and notice that you have eaten your pillow half because of hunger and it can also cause intestine ulcer so next time try and eat something before sleeping, good night.

Lol 🤣 eating my pillow?

Ok dear thanks a lot

Thanks a lot dear

Thanks for sharing

Ok sir
I appreciates

My brother even if you are not hungry just try and put something in your stomach.

Yea bro
Thanks for checking on me