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RE: Live and Direct Reporting. Sunday 17/1/2021. (Spotlight: Nosemask Selfie ) 100% powered up

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Location: Terengganu, Malaysia
Date: 17/1/2021
Time: 11.20 p.m.

1st report

Morning all of you beautiful people.
Hope you all had a good rest last night.
I had a problem sleeping but once I'm awake, I'm good as new. Lol 😆😂

My morning face.

Sorry that this is my already-take-a-shower-face. It was over 9.00 a.m. by then. Lol 😆😆

I was told by the clerk that the office is close for today so I still couldn't get my payment and the money for the books that I have ordered for school. So, I'll go to the office tomorrow maybe.

Today I'm going to post office again. I actually already on my way home with a Grabcar
after my appointment at the hospital.

See ya!

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