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Good morning steemians!!!
I hope you really had a wonderful night and your strong this morning.
My night was pretty good and I am doing good this morning too.
I absolutely want to share with you on how my day went yesterday - monday.

selfie of me

I woke up in the early hour of 5:30am yesterday, I took my bath, brushed my teeth and did other things that is needed of me. Then i took my breakfast together with my brothers and left to the office.


When I reached the office, I fixed things in order then left to Azikiwe road to buy a Television set because the formal one I had was disturbing me. After buying the TV, I took it to the house then after fixing it, I took my lunch and again left to the office.

in the TV shop

At 5:55pm, I called it a day and went home. When I got home, I took my bath, thereafter, I took my dinner.


Friends this is how I spent my day.
Thank you for your time.
Have a wonderful day.

Special regards;


A day well spent that is not breakfast is launch. That is very heavy

 3 months ago 

My dear I'm a guy not a lady ooo, guys need it as breakfast if possible stronger for 😃😃😃. All the same, thanks so much.👌🏼

 3 months ago 

I know things are very expressive now, especially items like a Television.
What make did you buy and how much?

 3 months ago 

You are right bro. Samsung 42inches, 90k you will love it.

 3 months ago 

This is beautiful.
I actually wanted to buy exactly this. I have added it to my konga cart. Am ordering it online soonest. Congratulations Brother